Tuesday, June 10, 2014

17 hotels

Don Q Inn

'The Don Q Inn of Dodgesville aka, Small Town, Wisconsin offers theme rooms for those seeking a different kind of hotel experience. There are rooms for all sorts of loser fantasies, called FantaSuites, like sleeping in a fake hot-air balloon in the "Up, Up, and Away" Room. There is an underground tunnel you can run through. There's a room that's the entire, dilapidated inside of an &47 plane that's rammed up against the building. Then there is the "Northern Lights" room with a bed in an igloo; "Tranquility Base", is a sort of space station; "The Geisha Garden", which oddly enough has a bed and not tatami mats. But it's "The Swinger" room that really got us and we're almost too disturbed to even describe this one.

'Upon arrival when we opened the door of the room and first thing we noticed was a "gross odor" about the room - we believe it was the smell of mold and the room had lots of flies. We keep killing them but there always seemed to be another one. The room was DARK. It had a dark (almost black wood ceiling) with more of that wood on parts of the walls. The DARK carpeting was so thin we think it was outdoor carpeting and OLD. The bedspreads were also DARK and under them the beds were adorned with blankets that were at least 25 years old.' -- Hotel Chatter

Null Stern Hotel

'Null Stern Hotel is an abandoned Swiss nuclear shelter that’s been converted into a hotel. “Null Stern” translates to “zero star”, and that rating is earned because guests don’t get much more than a bed and hot water. You’ll even have to share your room with up to six other people. On the plus side a night only costs ten dollars, but this hotel isn’t designed just for travelers on a budget. Its creators are marketing it both as a social experiment and a chance for guests to get to know their fellow travelers on a more intimate level.' -- Hotelville

Haoduo Panda Hotel

'The Haoduo Panda Hotel, which lies at the foot of Emei Mountain in southwest China's Sichuan province, is the first hotel of its kind in the world. The rooms are decorated with panda pictures and cuddly toy pandas sit on the beds, tables and chairs. The staff even dress in panda costumes to entertain the guests. The hotel will officially open in May with room rates from 300 ($48) to 500 yuan per night.' -- The Independent

Maya Hotel

'The $209 million Maya Hotel located south of Cancun, slated to open in 2010. This pyramid-shaped hotel will float in the crystal clear Caribbean waters with the help of a new composite material, normally used in the defense industry, which is billed as six times lighter and ten times stronger than steel.' -- Five Star Alliance

CasAnus Hotel

'A hotel in Belgium is offering tourists the chance to stay in a accomodation designed to look like a colon. The CasAnus Hotel offers couples an overnight stay for 120 Euros - around £100 - complete with a double bed, shower and central heating. It was originally created by Dutch artist Joep Van Lieshout, but the structure was renovated into living quarters and now sits on the grounds of the Verbeke Foundation Art Park. The hotel is run by owners Geert and Carla Verbeke-Lens, who say the hotel is 'extremely popular' with couples. It is utterly silent and pitch black at night, so bring a torch if you want to creep around at night.' -- collaged

Tianzi Hotel

'The Tianzi Hotel in Hebei Province, China is the largest image hotel in the world. Shou, on the left, is holding a peach that contains a suite. Enter the hotel through his right foot. Built in 2000, this 10-story building depicts Fu, Lu and Shou—Chinese gods symbolizing good fortune, prosperity and longevity.' -- collaged

Waterhouse at South Bund

'Like something from a Hitchcock movie, each of the 19 rooms in this converted Shanghai warehouse hotel comes with peepholes in the walls and the door, so visitors can “spy on” guests as they pass by (or vice versa). NHDRO, the interior design firm behind the hotel, claims that this voyeuristic approach to living harks back to the traditional Shanghai residential alleyways called “longtangs” (弄堂). Among these labyrinth-like communities, neighbors would peep into each other’s houses.' -- collaged

Hotel de Sal Playa

'In the dining room of the Hotel de Sal Playa in Bolivia, the salt is always on the table. In fact, at the world's only hotel made of salt, the salt is the table. Located near the famous Uyuni salt mine in the southwestern part of the country, Hotel de Sal Playa's roof, and bar are built of salt. Even the floor is covered with salt granules.

'The hotel was built in 1993 by a salt artisan who saw a mint in the number of tourists looking for places to stay while visiting the nearby mine, which is one of the world's largest of its kind. The lodge has 15 bedrooms, a dining room, a living room and a bar.

'The hotel walls are made of salt blocks stuck together with a cement-like substance made of salt and water. During rainy seasons, the walls are strengthened with new blocks, while the owners ask the guests to avoid licking the walls to prevent deterioration.' -- collaged

Flush Hotel

'Sim Jae-Duck built the $1.6 million toilet bowl-shaped Flush Hotel in order to raise awareness about cleaner sanitation around the world. This live-in restroom is over 400 square meters in size, and is located just south of Seoul, South Korea. The most amazing part about this giant toilet is not the design, but rather how much it costs to stay here for one night: $50,000. It must be said, though, that the proceeds go to provide poor countries with proper sanitation.' -- collaged

The Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht

'The Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht sits perched high above the shores of Jeongdongjin, a South Korean tourist town which, according to the South Korean government at least, has the best sunrise in all the land. Measuring in at roughly 540 feet, the cruise-ship themed resort has 211 guest rooms. Its rooms feature port holes to give an authentic experience, and the sounds of waves crashing against the boat plays out over loudspeakers. The piped soundtrack of bird calls adds to the illusion of being at sea. The resort opened in 2002 as a way to give tourists who didn't have the money to go on a cruise the experience of being on one.' -- collaged

Can Sleep Hotel

'Every August for the past 30 years, thousands of partygoers have flocked to the Dyrehaven, a magnificent beech forest next to Denmark’s Lake Skanderborg for the Skanderborg Music Festival, or Smukfest. Here, the creative juices flow just as freely as the beer. In lieu of living in a tent, some lucky attendees sleep in one of 114, two-story aluminum Royal Unibrew beer cans, enlarged to 12.5 feet high. Covered in golden, bubbly wallpaper and furnished entirely by Ikea, the first floor features a small living area and a minibar that’s replenished each day. When the dweller’s ready to turn in, he climbs the ladder to a circular double bed and pops the skylight.' -- moco-choco.com

Lloyd in the Sky with Diamonds Hotel

'The Curtis Hotel in Denver, a DoubleTree Hotel, has created a $50,000 floating bounce house hotel, billed as "the world's only floating pop-up hotel room". Guests will stay the night suspended more than 22 feet in the air in an inflatable hotel room that features a bed, a couch and a small bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet. The hotel stay includes luxurious airport transportation via limousine, stocked with cocktails and munchies, a set of Swarovski binoculars, a Tiffany diamond necklace & earrings, a 60s themed party for 100 friends, and the butler service of Lloyd, the hotel's spokesrobot who will give you bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Marys and iPad mini loaded with the Stargazer app.' -- collaged

Gagudju Crocodile Holiday Inn

'Indigenous owned Gagudju Crocodile Holiday Inn is deluxe accommodation located in Jabiru, approximately 2.5 hours drive from Darwin and ideally located for visitors to explore the north of Kakadu, including Ubirr, Cahills Crossing and Magella Creek. The hotel is uniquely shaped to represent Kakadu's most famous inhabitant, the saltwater crocodile. Relax in a spacious air-conditioned room, unwind in your private courtyard, by the shaded outdoor pool or take in the landscaped interior garden view from the balcony. After an adventurous day, dine at Escarpment Restaurant and Bar.' -- travelnt.com

Tate & Lyles Edible Hotel

'The world's first hotel made entirely from cake will welcome guests for one night only in London. More than 14 artists spent 2,000 hours baking and 900 hours decorating the hotel with over 600 kilos of sugar. It has three floors and eight rooms. Guests of the hotel will be encouraged to eat their way through windows and walls clad with 2,000 macaroons. The hotel contains a rug made from 1,081 meringues hand-stitched together.

'Sugar fanatics will also be able to chow down on windowsills built entirely from fudge, a bath filled with caramel-coated popcorn and 20 kilos of marshmallow garlands. Bedside tables at the hotel even have edible books and there is edible art on the walls.

'Guests will have the chance to enjoy a Pirates of the Caribbean room with a treasure chest full of edible pearls, ginger-spiced doubloons and cutlasses and a Mediterranean-inspired bedroom with 10 meters of edible bunting. There is also a British-inspired golden syrup sugar room and a South Pacific room with a two meter-high Easter Island statue made entirely from chocolate mud cake.' -- Opposing Views

The Nakanoshima Hotel

'Where else can one enjoy room service while on the toilet than in Japan? The Nakanoshima Hotel is a small, but luxurious, fully functioning public bathroom. Located in downtown Osaka, fenced by two rushing rivers, this one-room facility boasts an ivory-sheeted bed, a stylish desk, fresh-cut flowers and a prominent opening in the wall marked with a male figure on the right and female on the left. Through this opening, a stream of citizens flow in hopes of emptying their bladders. Stay if the idea of waking up to a cleaner mopping up urine from the tiles is intriguing to you. Crafted by Tatzu Nishi, the hotel is his celebration of the everyman’s commode. On the other hand, it is thoroughly disinfected and designed to be comfortable even though you can still hear people using the toilet in the other side of the wall.' -- Purple Travel

La Villa Hamster

'If you want to know what it’s like to live like a hamster, than look no further than La Villa Hamster. Tucked away down an unremarkable side-street near the centre of the western French city Nantes, La Villa Hamster offers guests the "unique" opportunity to live the life of a rodent. The hotel has all basic amenities essential for a rodent such as containers of organic grain, a metal water spigot activating by pushing a giant lever with your foot, and a double bed accessible only by a step ladder and a crawl space, a bathroom with a giant vat of wood chips, a giant troth for a sink and a working human-sized hamster wheel. Villa guests are also given hamster masks to wear during their stay. The owners are now looking for properties in Paris and in London with the intention of expanding the experience across the channel.' -- collaged

The Spitbank Fort Hotel

'In 1800, the Lord Palmerston, the British Prime Minister at the time, commissioned the construction of several forts at Sea Portsmouth to protect the harbor from invading French forces after the news that Napoleon III had become Emperor of France. The attacks never materialized, but the forts continued to strengthen with weapons and maintained throughout the century. Decommissioned in the 1980′s and most were sold to individuals, and one of them was transformed into a luxury hotel. The Spitbank Fort has everything one would want to enjoy the holidays. Luxury furnishings in the eight suites, impressive surroundings with pool, bar, restaurant, sauna and specially designed decks for guests to enjoy the sun.' -- loststateminor.com


p.s. Hey. An early heads up that, beginning on this coming Saturday and lasting until Tuesday, the 24th, I'll be in a period of intensive shooting and rehearsing and traveling re: Zac's and my film, and there's sure to be some collateral damage on the blog here and there during that time. Thus far, I can tell you that there won't be full-fledged p.s.es on this coming Saturday and next Monday because I'll be in Bretagne during that time for the shooting of a scene. Further updates on other local effects when the schedule becomes clearer. Also, the terrific writer Juliet Escoria, whose new book 'Black Cloud' was loved here recently, interviewed me for Fanzine, and it's now online, if you're interested. ** Tosh Berman, Hi, Tosh. Thank you, Tosh. That's very, very kind. Um, I don't know, I guess I spend quite a lot of time making the blog. It's very second nature at this point. Other than the time sort of officially set aside to do the p.s. in the mornings, I kind of work on making posts off and on all the time. In between everything else I do and whenever I have spare energy and home alone time. The posts themselves can take a lot of time to make, probably more than it seems like they would. Some happen in a burst of a couple of hours. Some evolve over a week or more or so. The post today, which I guess is a pretty simple one, probably took about, I don't know, 2 1/2 to 3 hours maybe. Yeah, I too like it that, even though the blog can resemble other forms, and even though I like trying to make it resemble another form sometimes, it couldn't formulate and exist in any other confines but a blog, and specifically a Blogger blog. Anyway, yeah, thank you, Tosh. That means a lot. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi, David. Yep, totally agree with you, yep. ** Kier, Hi, K. Thanks, cool, about the new music posts. You're going to Kongeparken! Oh, that news did something nice to my heart's cockles. The ride that Zac and I love so much is called Fabeldyrene. Here's a photo of it. We're actually very worried that it's been shut down or take out because, when we checked Kongeparken's site recently, it's not listed among their rides anymore. So, if you can check in on it, that would be great. It would be a total tragedy if that ride was destroyed. It's completely weird and amazing. I wrote a long fairytale-like text about it in the Scandinavian theme park book that Zac and I are working on. Anyway, wonderful that you're going to Kongeparken! I so envy you! Cool, I'd love to see your Arboretum photos. And the farm photos too, of course! How was your day? Love, me. ** Bill, Hi, B. Oh, Omar, of course. Omar of the desert. It would be swell to see him here again. It's been a long time. Thanks a bunch for the words to Chris, Bill. ** Steevee, Hi. I like the Soft Pink Truth album. I mean, it's essentially a kind of genre mashing exercise, and there's a limitation there, but it's really surprisingly fun and inventive throughout. It's pleasurable. ** HyeMin Kim, Hi. Oh, thank you so much for the translation! Do you know his work? I've only discovered it quite recently, and I think it's quite beautiful. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben. Ah, the hits, but I rank 'Knowing Me, Knowing You' among the greatest pop songs ever, so that's not too shabby. Even thinking about listening to Miles Davis during an MRI scan while not even knowing at all what an MRI scan feels like made me nervous. Interesting. Ooh, nice about Stephen's mix! He didn't tell me that was happening. Thank you! Everyone, courtesy of _Black_Acrylic, here's an amazing looking Soundcloud mix curated by my pal and collaborator, the great Stephen O'Malley, full of sounds and tunes from a great combo of music artists, from Angus MacLise to Joe Meek to The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. It's free, and it's here, and I, duh, I highly recommend that you hear/grab it. ** Sypha, Hi. Weird about the 'pop' thing. You have your copy of 'Gone' all the way over in the USA? I still haven't gotten or even seen a copy of it yet. Grr-ish. The French postal service strikes again. Dominic Savio does seem very you, James, yes, ha ha. His apparently famous quote, oft imprinted upon his image at least, 'Death, but not sin' is a bit of a brownie point remover for me maybe? But, yeah, he has a kind of One Direction member's younger brother in a time machine thing going on. ** Keaton, Hey. Well, actually, just one little segment of one of the railings on the Pont des Arts bridge tipped over slightly. Anyway, it's the excuse that will get that bridge scrubbed clean of love lockets. People are putting them everywhere in Paris now. There are locks appearing on the little bridge over the canal right near where I live even, far, far away from the tourist realms. GbV is great, yes! The Breeders cover was nice, yeah. Don't get torn to shreds. That would suck. ** Chris Goode, Hi, Chris. Trippy, I just came to your comment as we were exchanging emails in another window of my browser. So talking to you here in the p.s. context is like, I don't know, what it will be like to talk to the inevitable Madame Tussaud's Chris Goode 'wax' figure or something. Or something a lot more clever than that. Cool, fascinating about the first day's work and the scale issues between the questions and the time frame. And, yeah, if any of those ... wait, you guys doing the thing with Chris ... want to de-shy and pop in here or do more than 'pop', that would be very interesting. Oh, cool, I will forefront your alert right now. Everyone, Chris Goode, whom, as you know, is currently engaged in a project to make a theater-piece-like-shaped thing/soulmate of this blog, has a query/message that I will now pass long to you. This is Chris: 'I know there are a number of d.l.'s past and present who are based around Coventry / Warwick / Birmingham, & if anybody for whom it was convenient wanted to come over and spend some time talking with us and hanging out that would be awesome. So if anybody wants to visit us here, just email us -- dcs AT chrisgoodeonline DOT com -- and we'll figure something out.'  Yeah, hopefully we'll all get to talk later today. Cool, cool, cool. Love you beaucoup, man! ** Misanthrope, Hi, G. I actually knew that about Mr. Bonsergeant, but I was wearing my everyman hat when I typed yesterday. Oh, gosh, that joke wasn't bad. Well, not in a moral sense, at least, ha ha. To me. I used to love 'Hogan's Heroes', man, and you know what, if I ever saw an episode of it again, I might still. I got your address via FB, cool, and I'll send you mine via FB rather than here in a bit just to be symmetrical or something. Thing for me, yum! Thank you! ** Kyler, Hi, Kyler. Thanks about the interview. You're so nice. ** Derek McCormack, Hi, Derek! Yay! Dude, really, come visit Paris and I'll show you everything to do with the cool stuff I'm lucky enough to work with in the work I'm doing and the sources and everything. Yay (again) for false feelings! Or I mean for feelings that turn out to be not false after all maybe? Oh, wow, your trawl through the archives of that Fred Fried guy -- nice name -- and the history is completely fascinating! Shit! Oh, I've missed you, Derek, this is so nice! So, are you working on that book now? That's so exciting! You have to meet my dear friend Zac. He's super simpatico with your fascinations and mine, and we'll have the best conversations. Love from me back to you after being quadrupled at the very least! ** Schlix, Hi, Uli. Cool I'm glad you liked the gig. Alex G, is great. He's one of my favorite discoveries lately. Here, it's not the heat on its own that's the problem, but it's so fucking humid. You have 'Gone' too? Cool, but again, where's my copy? Harrumph. No, I didn't end up seeing Slowdive. I literally got ready to go and then my enthusiasm died. Even through I never saw them in their heyday, I just have a really hard time with reunion gigs as a general rule. I like museums, but for some reason I don't like when bands become live museums of their older work. Oh, well. I hope the heat in your hood lets up today, man. ** Okay. I went out and found visual evidence of 17 hotels that interested me in theory for some reason and decided to put said evidence on the blog, and now it's your turn to do something-or-other in its regard. See you tomorrow.


white tiger said...

flipping thru my gorgeous copy of gone
love you dennis


Matthew said...

The CasAnus Hotel got me all nostalgic for the bleak town of Colon, Michigan. I feel like it's worth blabbing about it here. The lake it's on is shaped like a massive colon, hence the name, and the town itself is self-proclaimed the Magic Capital of the World. Harry Blackstone is buried in the cemetery. You would be super into it I think. They have a Magic Trick Factory still churning out commercially available tricks, and pretty much every person in the town is unemployed and a magician. I've been once...

Oh, and hopefully you got my email. So... I am moving to LA, yes! I am sort of surprised at myself. I'm doing an MFA at CalArts in the fall... Structure is really, really enticing for me. I'm tremendously good at wasting time. So I'm pumped. I'm sort of apprehensive about it, too. When I'd finally made the decision to go, I was on a date or something with this noise musician, who is for all the right reasons against institutionalized education, and I thought he was going to lunge across the table at me when I told him I was going back to school. Part of it feels cursed, part of it is exciting. I don't even know where I'm going to live yet!

Bill said...

Geez, these are some impressive hotels. I get dizzy just looking at all the pandas. And the surveillance hotel is so topical.

Dennis, here's the event at IRCAM on the 11th I mentioned earlier. The trailer here is quite fine. Robert was showing me bits of it in progress last week, looks and sounds amazing.

Schlix, sorry the heat is down where you are too. Was really bad in Berlin, but we just had a splatter of rain. I'm hopeful.


HyeMin Kim said...

I would not say I "know" Kim Do Soo work very well. But several years ago, American music critics who work & live in Seoul introduced his music to me, and so I listened to it for a while. Your choice Mountain was very good. I like uneasy piece of his. You might like this, too. Way of White Cloud

meant to thank for your support for making a idea topology from RB later lectures. It's something that I'm working on for other purposes as well, but I'd be happy, if not happier, to open it in a blog friendly form, here, when I feel it's ready. It's a most challenging project in my work life so far, due to its scale, details of coming & going ideas, and endearingly distinguishing and approachable wish I have, from other scholars' papers on RB at this period. Compared to Blanchot/... which I am more familiar and feel tighter with, it's rather loosely structured with more delicate nuance and fantasies, so more difficult to touch, in any part of it. Intelligent thrust or urge does not work with this project. I am hoping to continue this project for next many years, so your interest in this means a lot for me, especially when I see some connection to your work. I'm... fainting, tired lately, so the slower work disappoints me a little. But I keep myself on it, every day, awake hour.

HyeMin Kim said...

Kim Doo Soo (not Do Soo)

timmyfatlips said...

Hi Dennis – I thought I’d take the plunge / opportunity to de-shy and, whilst we have some lunch, step from the rehearsal room into this, the wonderful world of DC’s.

It’s nice here.
I like it a lot.

It feels an utter privilege to have the time, this week, to inch my way through the archive, and to have the group encounter that all of us, here, with Chris, are having with the blog. Thank you, to you, and the community more broadly, for making it such an incredibly welcoming, stimulating and provoking place to be. The posts, stories, and moments that I’ve been coming across regularly veer towards the incredible, and it’s a real delight that more just keep on coming… (I truly love every one of these 17 hotels and think we should take 'DC's - the theatre show' to play in each and every one... I'm particularly excited about exploring my potential as a performer dressed as a hamster...)
I’m sure we’ll be in touch more as the week goes by, and know we’ll be Skyping later, but I just wanted to dip a toe into the comments (and very nice it feels too).
Til the next… tim
(and gary gray, thank you so much for the hair compliments – they’re appreciated, and I’m surprised how validated by them I feel. I think I owe a minor apology though; it’s not the most up to date photo that I gave Chris, and the crop is now much shorter. The only consolation I can offer is that more is growing whilst I write.)

torn porter said...

hay DC.

that hampster hotel definitely donne envie - kinda got some kinky undertones though, huh?

anyway, ratty's here till sunday – what will work? xx


DavidEhrenstein said...

Some pretty radical hotels here today.

I love the "clothing optional" gay hotels in Palm Springs.

Scunnard said...

Hi Dennis, hmm I need more bizarre hotels in my life. Yesterday I spent most of my day at amoeba and spent a bunch of money I don't really have on records, but hey ya know what? That's ok! heh. Yeah I've been working on some art theory stuff that relates to the Winchester house. Sure I'll send you a copy of that bit if you like. Always lovely. Good news about your gearing up to shoot. That's very exciting! How's everything else?

DavidEhrenstein said...

Latest FaBlog: Gumm

HyeMin Kim said...

btw, i read the interview about you. just thinking, i would be very scared if i was asked to interview zizek. i was with him in one small elevator, in less than 50 cm distance, with no other person. he was sweating hard, with his famous tshirt and animalike rough breath, but it felt like his way of performance. i wanted to get off from that elevator, immediately. it was scary, strange. he looked like a predator, or something. but you don't have that kind of thing.

kier said...

hi dennis, i couldn't find fabeldyrene on kongeparken's website either, i really really hope it's still there. i'll ask someone about it when i get there. i love these hotels! i'd like to visit the don q inn, the waterhouse (!!!), the edible hotel and the spitbank fort. my day was good, but a little scary. something big is maybe starting to happen, but it takes a lot out of me. maybe i'll talk about it more later. hugs

Keaton said...

Wet Wipes

MANCY said...

Hi Dennis - finishing up school today, hope to get a chance to answer chris' questions in the next day or so...
Hope you are well, great post today.

Chris Goode said...

Hey D,

So incredibly lovely to talk with you this evening and to explore with you some of the questions we've been talking about in the room. Yeah we totally don't know what it is that we're doing, but we're also totally doing it. These guys are amazing. There were moments today that completely floored me. This morning was about very careful composition of images and this afternoon was much more haphazard and improvisatory and I feel like somewhere between those two there is a very DC's like space which I think we're sort of orbiting. In the meantime everyone's mostly enjoying experimenting with taking their trousers off in a variety of modes and contexts. So many possibilities, so little time. Oh and I made everyone listen to 'Tractor Rape Chain' which I think might be my favourite GbV song and no one threw anything at me. They just carried on taking their trousers off. (Trousers is a funny word. I quite envy American English speakers being able to say pants. But what can you do.)

Null Stern is pretty much the best imaginable name for a hotel. I don't want to stay there but I might want to record an album under that name.

More to come. Lovely to see you looking so happy and sexy and everything. We send you smothersome hugs. Happy location-hunting... We're going to make sure your film comes out in the UK even if we have to re-enact it ourselves.

yr Ch.xx

Keaton said...

Hmph, all those Haussmann facades. I think of that sweet Parisian stuff awaiting my insatiable desire. Maybe I'll fall in love someday. I like most of The Breeders music. I'm a fucking mess. Cool hotels. I stay at hotels a lot. An invisible hotel? Hope to order Gone soon. Good luck with the film.

Schlix said...

The Null Stern hotel is not too far away from me. The Fitzcarraldo-like hotel from South Korea is crazy.

Dennis, your comparison of reunion bands and museums is perfect. Sometimes it can be big fun but I if you are not in the mood ...

Bill, the Robert Henke trailer is really nice.
And from tonight on it will get cooler. I hope so also for you!

michael_karo said...

dennis! long time, no see! like math, i too am flipping thru my gorgeous copy of gone! just picked it up from the PO today. it's so cool that something you made for yourself long ago is now something that others can enjoy.

seeing the stuff about steven stayner really brought back memories for me as ukiah is a few hours south of here. it was so sad when he later died in a traffic accident.

and do you know about his brother cary? he murdered a woman and her daughter from my home town, along with an exchange student living with them and a woman who worked at yosemite, where the murders occurred. it was all anyone talked about here for years. and i feel bad saying it, but lord, he was the most gorgeous man. i'm sure there's a book or two about him.

anyhooooo...taking a 3 month FB vacation, working on getting my act together, whatever that means, haha! watching what i eat (down 6 lbs already) doing yard work, reading a lot, especially since my computer is slowing losing its mind. getting a new mac soon, i have been saving some money and i have a friend's cousin who works at apple who is gonna get me a deal!

ok, i will try to not be a stranger here...xoxoMK

Misanthrope said...

Dennis, I used to watch Hogan's Heroes as a kid, very unaware of what it was actually about. But I loved all the little contraptions they had and the little underground place they'd go down into. Love underground bunkers and hiding spaces and shit like that. Those things really get me.

Of course, in the States, you can catch Hogan's Heroes almost any time. There are 3 or 4 "oldie" stations now that play shows from 50s onward. Pretty nice to see Lost in Space again. I was pretty obsessed at the time. (And still want a house that looks like the Jupiter 2; and what the hell ever happened to the Jupiter 1?)

Cool about the address. Now I just gotta find a way to get these things to you. Seems Obama signed a law in 2010 making it virtually impossible to send certain things in the mail. But damn it, I'll find a way.

Sypha said...

I like the Gagudju Crocodile Holiday Inn.

I figured Dominic Savio might be a bit too pious for you, Dennis. He seems to be a hit with some of my friends on Facebook, ha ha.

Recently I've been thinking how it might be fun to write a science fiction series. Like a grand space opera thing. It would be kind of full circle I guess: the first movie I ever saw in theaters, when I was like 3 or 4, was "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi." I've got all these ideas, my health has just been too bad for me to actually start it, though. In the meantime, I'm handwriting an "unofficial" book just for fun (by "unofficial" I mean something I don't intend for publication). It's about the city of Providence.

postitbreakup said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
postitbreakup said...

chris go(o)d(e),

like most things, this blog provokes in me many contradictory feelings

i voted for this blog back in the poll on dennis's 'official' site when it was an option cuz i wanted to talk to dennis. that's the main reason i came here initially and i guess the main reason i've continued coming although other appeals have waxed and waned, if that makes any sense

my favorite thing that ever happened here - the old spd days, any and all animated gifs. and, tbh, days when it's my guest post, cuz i'm a self absorbed piece of shit like that. i never get a platform this big except when dennis is kind enough to lend his

what haven't i liked about this place, well, this doesn't exactly qualify, but i'll never ever forget sypha calling me out for drunk posting on here re another commenter i once knew IRL. also, the only person i ever met from this blog in person IRL treated me pretty poorly so that wasn't fun. mostly i don't like that it's all on facebook now apparently since i don't have one

what's changed... it feels a little less 'alive' even though the posts are as good as always and that makes me sad, sometimes too sad to even look. and a lot of times i feel way too guilty to comment since i have nothing to add to the post since it's way over my head, even though i appreciate it being in my periphery

dennis has changed my life in that i think of him a lot. i really really really wanted to be the next jt leroy for a long time, before that was all revealed to be a sham. i've wanted to be the next yury. i don't know. i have issues.

i had a big crush on nick hudson for a long time. i miss when alex rose used to talk to me. i'm twitter friends with a few people. i echo what everyone else said about the blog introducing me to shit tons of things... i feel inadequate even expressing how much it's introduced me to

oh, i guess the saddest thing was when i tried to kill myself and was in the hospital for two weeks and came back on here kinda hoping someone had noticed, but nobody had. not that there really should be any reason for someone to have noticed, since i regularly disappear for longer than two weeks, but i just had this feeling like someone at dc's might know, and no one did. but that's more my issue than the blog's.

sorry to end on that note... overall it's a great place. i fuck everything up


read more interviews with you. often have this sensation of missing you even though we'll never meet. i'm better than i seem online, at least i hope so. i mean i think we'd have a good talk or something. idk maybe i'd be boring as fuck. i'd probably just give up and try to blow you and you'd ask me to leave. i'm kinda crying right now cuz a lot of things are going on, like my parents selling the house and shit even though that shouldn't matter, and my normal guy issues. i really think i should be castrated so maybe then i wouldn't want to be with anyone. or mentally castrated since it's not really only about sex with me, sex is just an easy thing i have to offer. but there's no cure for my neediness as of yet. at any rate you're really cool, sorry. you don't have to address anything i said, you can just say hey, sorry this is all awkward as shit, just like every email i've ever sent you has been. i'm gonna drink more now, i'm sorry

steevee said...

I'm feeling really pessimistic about my chances of actually making FAR FROM SYRIA. Two of the actors I want to work with are in the SAG-AFTRA union, which means that I will have to pay them a small amount, fill out some paperwork and possibly pay SAG-AFTRA themselves. I could find non-union actors, but I hate auditions and I want to work with experienced actors whom I've seen and liked in other films. I'm afraid it would cost $2,000 or so to make this film, and I don't have the money right now. Money makes filmmaking go so much more smoothly.

I'm also really frustrated about my dealings with editors recently. I wish they would hurry up and return my E-mails.

Derek McCormack said...

Dennis! Have you been to La Maison de la Magie Robert-Houdin? It's in Blois but I don't know where that is. I presume there's a museum for every person in Paris. I'd love to see a museum of Antoine, the hairdresser who slept in a glass coffin. I'd love to see a museum of Janine Janet, who dressed the windows at Balenciaga's boutique. I'd love to see a museum of Julian D'Ys, who creates wigs for Comme des Garçons. He's a fucking genius. I would like to meet Martin Margiela. He was once at an opening of David's in Brussels. I know someone who's a friend of a friend of his. You ever met him? There's a lot I'd like to do in Paris. I'd be a very demanding guest. I'd be all: moi, moi, moi. Most of all I'd love to see you and Zac. And Gisele! I'd be starry-eyed. Wishing you all the luck in the world on the upcoming shoot. It'll be brilliant. Lots of love to you, my friend. Derek

Derek McCormack said...

Matthew! I'm so envious that you've seen Colon, MI. I have a dvd at home, a collection of home movies shot in the 1920s and 1930s at the big magic convention there. I'm not sure it's a convention; maybe a magic picnic and parade? It's a hoot, anyhow. I guess Abbott sponsored it? Maybe Abbott sponsors it still. I'd love to go -- I don't think it's far from the American Museum of Magic in Marshall, MI.