Thursday, December 26, 2013

90 drugged


p.s. Hey. Apologies for what I imagine was a very slow page loading time today. ** Allesfliesst, Hi, Kai. I thought he also looked befuddled or defeated or something. His stance or lack thereof or something. If your Xmas panned out as planned, it seems like it would have filled the bill. My Xmas just kind of didn't exist. Other than a phone conversation with my sister and nephew, it was only demarked by the severe quiet coming through the window. Which was fine. Did you get any cool loot? Merry post-Xmas, man. ** David Ehrenstein, 'P, P, & F' is also probably in my all-time top ten favorite songs. Nice add re: the Lindsay Cooper score. Everyone, Mr. E added to yesterday's requiem gig by pointing us to a vid featuring the late, great Lindsay Cooper's score for the fascinating early '80s film 'The Gold Diggers', created by Sally Potter a.o., and well worth a watch and listen. It's here. ** les mots dans le nom, Hi. Thanks. A blog day would be a most awesome gift, thank you muchly. I lacked a party or any other Xmas duty/event too. The most Xmas-y thing yesterday was watching my FB Wall flood with holiday shout outs. There was a Celan thing in a book about Kiefer? I really don't like Kiefer's work, but that's not Celan's fault, god knows. Wow, those snow pix are amazing! That's, like, serious, hardcore, delicious looking snow. Thank you. And for the link to the Mot music. I'll go listen to that today. ** Tosh Berman, Hi, Tosh. I hope you guys celebrated the big 25 in accordance with the event's noteworthiness. The way deaths around one speed up and accumulate as one gets older is definitely one of the biggest downsides. Really, really not into death. ** Keaton, Hi. Is that your actual Twitter feed? It's good, whatever it is. Everyone, I don't know if I would know a real Twitter feed from a Woofer's vibrations, or something, but I think this is Keaton's Twitter feed transposed onto his always key blog, and it's sharply nuanced and very him, whatever it is. Thanks re: the buche. I think it's dead and buried in a bunch of Zac's relatives stomachs now, RIP. Snowblower snow globe? Refresh me. Cool about your friend. Is he still in Japan? Wait, probably not. Those are two good books you got. That's a good avatar you got too. ** Bill, Hi. Oh, how was ... wait, it's today or tonight, right? Kevin's b'day shebang? Unless he did it early? Or unless I'm just plain wrong. How was it? ** Heliotrope, Hi, Mark! Merry merry Xmas a day afterwards! I'm good, I'm well, and my goodness/wellness seems to be futuristic too. A lodger? Who is this presumably paying, invited interloper? That's interesting. And super awesome about Jules' better and better work and consequent happiness! Give her a Cooperian hug. I thought of you when I saw that Jim Hall had died. I have such resonant, fond memories of seeing him play at some venue in the Valley with you and, I think, Kirk? A tree? I had none, but the Recollets had one kind of hidden away in a weird room. My heart contains you always too, my pal, and my head too, come to think of it. I love you too, Mark. ** Sypha, Did Colin Wilson and Gandolfini make music? The graveyard visiting sounds gloomy but really nice. Horses are spooky. Yes, I got your card! Sorry for spacing out re: mentioning that. It was and is and will forever be amazing, thank you, James! ** Misanthrope, You're back, cool! Hi, G! Glad that your NYC trip went so splendidly. Kyler mentioned that he saw you, but he skipped the chicken guy's participation. That is a mental image Ah, so Alan's onto finishing Sujatha's book. Nice. I hope that isn't eating too greatly into his novel work. I didn't see the 'hate mom' thing on FB. Ugh. Poor little or kind of little guy. I'm really glad he has the boon of you guys coming up so quick. How was Xmas itself? ** Nicki, A late but very, very merry Xmas to you, Nicki, with tons of love! ** Josh fella, Hi, Josh! I never got to see Zbigniew. Missed my two chances by a hair. Glad you did, and a belated Xmas greeting to you, my friend. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben! Sounds like a Xmas-y Xmas. I don't think I've ever even seen one full Muppets Show episode much less the movies. I was always a wee bit too old for them, or I thought I was. Nice haul. And a retroactive Merry Xmas to you, buddy! ** Rudyd, Right back at you with the Xmas best wishes, Rudy. I like bread made from frozen dough, yum. It's like the Cool Whip of the bread world or something. Yum. My only Xmas present was a box of American Macaroni & Cheese fixings. ** Steevee, 'Anchorman 2', wow. I didn't see #1. Makes sense in theory as a Xmas movie. Sorry it didn't cheer up your folks. I was going to go see the Scorcese as my Xmas movie, but ... I can't remember why I didn't. Maybe sold out? ** MANCY, Thanks a bunch for the link to the Part Wolf demo! Oh, I really liked LiƩ. It sounded kind of perfect or something. Yeah, thank you for that. I'm now peeled for them at every given opportunity. ** Right. If your system managed to load all those gifs, I hope you thought whatever lag that ensued was worth it. If not, and you ended up with mostly frozen stills, I take no responsibility for the post other than for its annoyance factor, I guess. I don't know what I'm saying. See you tomorrow.


rewritedept said...


to intrude on another conversation, you're never too old for the muppets. i say that, of course, having grown up watching that particular show and its many film offshoots, so i may be biased, much like my bias towards the beatles.

xmas was pretty rad. got some new dress shirts and socks. one pair of the socks is in like, buzz lightyear colors. my dad bought me a box set of coen bros. films, and i haven't seen two of them so yay me.

i dunno that it's a final opinion on the post SY stuff. the CLM record seems like it'll be a grower; i am more fond of it the more time i devote to it. it's definitely the rawest of the three, though you would expect body/head to be moreso, i suppose, considering its creation method. maybe raw isn't the right word. it's the most punk, which doesn't surprise me since it's a thurston project. do i like it as much as 'psychic hearts?' no, but that's easily my favorite of the extra-SY albums.

i, too, saw 'anchorman 2.' just got back from it, in fact. it was simultaneously the dumbest and one of the most hilarious movies i've ever seen. also, we saw it at a new theatre in town that has a bar, so i know where i'm going to see movies from now on.

you had a quiet xmas, then? that buche you posted the other day looked AWESOME. did it live up to its level of visual hype?

my dad and uncle think i should be an air traffic controller. that's weird.

i didn't get to peruse today's stack because i'm on my phone, but i am looking forward to it based on title alone. will give a full report before we meet next. talk soon.


rewritedept said...

oh yeah, and steve shelley plays drums in the dust. it's like mom and dad split up and now no one has custody. the kids just ran away from home and started a crazy awesome and not shitty jam band. you know, since jam bands usually SUCK...

les mots dans le nom said...

Hi Dennis, the images today don't unload. They got narrowed in themselves and sucked-out in their brain and mouth spaces. I guess. I am not your facebook friend. Also I removed the account at this X-mas eve. Yeah, I am allergic to shouts of pro and anti-Xmas (likewise pro and anti-internet) both, they are all feverntly Xmasish or internetish over all...I don't hate it. But I am just allergic. I will try to take better photographs of snowscape next time. I like to write about photographs, really love it, my ideal writer is Yves Bonnefoy in that regard. But I don't enjoy photographing. It was in the finger icicling evening, and Buffalo is kind of weird. It's neither a field nor a city. Often I get confused what to work with. Anyway, yeah, Dennis, you could be a bit serious about Celan & Kiefer. Not necessary, but its graveness in their poetic connection and juxtaposition feels very genuine, and I do respect that. Here is a specialized book, too. celan & kiefer And I loved Kiefer ocean painting. It's so large and, in that room, there a few cute dudes, meditating on it-- you perhaps know my taste, I like gentle and artistic older men, with long coat and scarf, like Roland Barthes. That delight was a beginning after apocalpyse of all to be there. there's always a passing pleasure with another visitors, in museums of dead things, anyway. A security guard next to a reading room on Kiefer/Celan, was cute, so it was cool. We even exchanged glances and smiles and others. Yeah, one must not burn the museum. It's burning in it. Anyway, today, after Barnes & noble visit for an awkward reason, I will definitely work on Day for here, I changed my choice of the book for the first day, just to attune it to my chapter thing, but it may be better for anyone, I guess. Absolutely better for me to get back to a heavy work mode. Hopefully, before your Japan trip, you can host it, if not, that's cool too. Oh, MoT is no longer working but the main singer/writer became a solo band, Eaeon, it's kind of undrugged druggy, insinuatingly decadent K indie rock or ungenred something, but I quite like it. It's just entertainable, with meticulous cominations of learnings from everywhere. Music videos of "Cold Blood" and "Close" are very cool, for the Album Strange Season. Antonio loved MoT too, maybe that's why I liked him more than just admiring his work. I live on some kind of homesickness, after all, while I can't pin down what to long for.

les mots dans le nom said...

PS. I got Ken Price drwaing book for you. It's so pricey anywhere else, but in the gallery, it was okay for me. So I got one for you, I will mail it. As you know he went to Japan to practice the emptiness of doing. Plates of his Japan visit story is really, really lovely and inspiring. The first plate is missing in the book, though. I don't know it's just what I like, perhaps. Oh sorry that I reminded you of your disliking of Kiefer, haha. Celan is great to everyone, perhaps, that might be an answer.

les mots dans le nom said...
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allesfliesst said...

yep, everything went as planned, except the ducks weren't as tender as expected. we ordered them at a new organic food store, but those from the old organic food store last year were better. well, i'm not going to bother you with details about meat. i got some very nice presents, the most exciting being "a true novel" by minae mizumura. she's quite famous in japan and reika likes her a lot, but there weren't any translations available and i don't have the time and patience to read japanese right now. last week, however, she came to berlin for a workshop, and with her she brought some copies of the english translation of "honkaku shousetsu," fresh from the printer. reika managed to score one of them, and even got mizumura to sign it for me. "true novel" belongs to a series of experiments with popular genres of (japanese) literature. it appears to be autobiographical, but what with the genre-consciousness you never know where the author is 'really' recounting her life as the daughter of a japanese employee living with his family in new york, and where she is blending in fiction in order to fulfil the formal demands of a certain type of autobiographical realism. it's good to read, and full of those little observations concerning everyday life i love in japanese literature. mizumura also wrote a continuation to natsume souseki's unfinished novel "light and darkness," which i hope will get translated as well, as l&d is one of my favorite japanese novels.

lee said...

hey dennis - slow-loading or not, this is a great one of these, my favourite in ages. thanks. not much xmasness here either as per - though ok i did spend the morning with a friend and her nearly-two-year-old son unwrapping his presents at like 7am, which i guess is xmas as fuck. but then i came home and listened to arab on radar and cooked a carbonara and watched chabrol's le boucher in bed - so i'm absolved. phew.

i didn't email you yet. but i will. till then, happy first day of kwanzaa xx

DavidEhrenstein said...

A nice Christmas with Bill & Jai. Got 1941 (my favorite Spielberg) plus some neat socks.

Today is WASTED!

DavidEhrenstein said...

BTW, I hope you didn't overlook THIS Dennis.

DavidEhrenstein said...

"Gay Panic" in James Joyce? I must say this never occurred to me. And doesn't sound too convincing at first blush. What say the Joyceans present?

cooksappe said...


Sypha said...

Dennis, for whatever reason I didn't catch on to the fact that the RIPs for yesterday were all music related. Ah well. I'm glad the card got to you okay and I'm glad you liked it.

I got some nice presents yesterday. From my parents I got mostly books: the Modern Library box set of Proust's "In Search of Lost Time," a dictionary related to the work of William Blake, another Modern Library book (this one dealing with Christian Mysticism), "The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky," Dostoevsky's "Demons," and Peter Gay's "Modernism." From my brothers I got mostly DVDs, including "The Canyons" and "To The Wonder." So I have a lot to read and watch over the coming year. Though I've decided to read "Ulysses" first, as I just finished Joyce's "Portrait."

Bill said...

Hilarious today, Dennis. The kaleidoscope things and the caterpillar are really freaky.

Have you seen the Coens' A Serious Man? The scene with the stoned boy staggering around at his bar mitzvah will always be with me.

Kevin's party was on the 24th. I can't remember if that's when he usually has them. I had a great time, as expected. Trees and Mike Kitchell were there too.


Kyler said...

Loved this today Dennis, very Lucy in the Sky with Di's. That chicken (new to the park) was John, the balloon man, who did the phallic and vaginal balloons at Lucky Cheng's, where we used to share the floor with my cards and his balloons. Very cute guy underneath the chicken costume. Back from Fla - went well, nice visit. Phenom food, leftovers of which are currently cooking here now. A few close calls/dangerous moments, but all in all, very nice.

Creative Massacre said...

Dennis -

Hey, hope you're well. I'm OK. Had a pretty low key Christmas, which was good. Watched a lot of Doctor Who and stayed in. Couldn't be bothered to deal with family and all that. Didn't really do the gift thing either, I've decided to save up and take a stellar vacation in the summer for my birthday.

I'm getting my wisdom teeth cut out in a few weeks, not looking forward to that. Those little fuckers have been giving me problems for a while now, so I'm looking forward to not having to deal with them anymore.

Anyway, that's enough from me.

etc etc etc said...

Hope you've been well, and for some reason all the idyllic teen trippers reminded me of a truer core of Backstreet Boys or NSYNC aura. I would imagine your teen pop obsessions aside you never listened to'm much?
Just got back from LA, but no new real events or niches excavate there. Spent some time in the rapidly gentrifying echo park (Crossfit much?) and hung around Stories (have you seen that bookstore?). There always seems to be a vaguely scientological aura around LA which intrigues me -- i remember reading about L. Ron's early escapades around CalTech, and with the Satanist Jack Parsons who started the Jet Propulsion Lab out there (very interesting stuff; read about it mostly in Hubbard's "unauthorized" bio "Bare Faced Messiah). Might try to make it out to the prettier parts -- getty museum, huntington library -- soon to cleanse my brain. Also, might start ramping up my efforts to re-send out work (been thinking about Black Clock -- love that magazine -- but they are always quite fickle when they even accept things).

Hope your holidays have been well -- any cool presents? arcana? shrunken heads?

positive vibes from the states,

Misanthrope said...

DavidE, I'm no Joycean, but I've read everything but "Wake." I think that theory of 'gay panic' in his work -or its having been addressed therein- is a real stretch. But while there may not be much gay panic in Joyce, there's tons in Wines.

Kyler, Welcome back. Funny, John said he was John when he came up to us, but when we left off, he shook my hand and said he was "Murdoch." Maybe that's his last name? And dangerous, you say? What the fuck?

Dennis, Oh, Xmas itself was just dandy. We hit Outback on Christmas Eve, had a very nice ham-cabbage-mashed potato-sweet potato-green bean casserole dinner on Xmas itself, and my niece got shitloads of stuff. She got me three T-shirts, and my mom got me a pair of gloves and the new 1D CD (which isn't very good but for maybe 3 or 4 songs (there are 18 on the fucker)). Oh, and I got myself Bauer's new album, "Lose All Memory," which fucking excellent. I really like those guys.

Hahaha, yeah, it's hard calling LPS a little guy anymore. He's almost as tall as I am. Probably close to the same weight too, unfortunately. But he'll be Saturday for some fun. I got him a nice NEW YORK hat and a waving cat in NYC, both of which he requested. Though it seems the cat is a Chinese thing and not a Japanese thing, but he's okay with that...he's a Japanophile, if you didn't know.

Actually, from Alan told me, most of his time is working on Sujatha's book. He's set his to the side mostly but will be getting back to it as soon as they can get their heads around Sujatha's book and get it managed.

I think a lot of the people in these images today are highed up.

Kyler said...

George: yeah, I never heard Murdoch, was wondering what that was, maybe his last name. Dangerous, ie, bordering on a fight - but we pretty much averted those. They were very happy about my book.

grant maierhofer said...

Hey Dennis,

I'm sorry I never responded to your response awhile ago about what I'd been up to lately and stuff, sort of in and out of discontented states and hence the capacity for communication comes and goes. Haven't been doing a whole lot. Might be working on a new online pursuit with a few friends, not exactly sure yet. Find myself thinking a lot about your fiction after again closing Infinite Jest as a potential pick-me-up or re-educator or something, not exactly sure what that means but being directly in the middle of the GM Cycle again or something sounds fucking dreamy so I might do that the next few days. This might be the third or fourth time since we've spoken that this phenomenon has happened. I don't know what it is but who cares, after really living inside IJ for several weeks the tendency is to want to continue reading books that easily provide a home, of sorts, and yours have a great deal for me in the past years. Anyway, aside from that, looking into MFA programs in the coming months and attempting to revise or write or rewrite various things. Sending out poems or poetry manuscripts, that sort of thing. I don't know if I ever thanked you for including the poetry chapbook in your year-end list but if I forgot let me just say thank you, man, it's really a fucking honor. I received some Colin Wilson books and a few movies for christmas so that's pretty good. How have you been lately, man? Have you checked out the massive supply of video accompaniments Death Grips put out with Government Plates? Some are very repetitive, but I kind of dig them, nostalgic for an earlier computer or something sort of the way we talked once about Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle inducing a nostalgia for certain angsty late '80s/'90s artists/writers/musicians etc. Anyway, I hope you're doing well, and that the release of The Weaklings has been exciting for you. I'm real excited to get my paws on a copy.

All the best,

Grant Maierhofer

steevee said...

I can only imagine what would happen if you posted all of today's images on a One Dimension or Justin Bieber Tumblr blog.

gary gray said...

relate. for real. my favs are the still images that look like they're breathing.

no. still in chicago. i didn't realize it's the holidays. since i don't go to malls, or watch tv the signs were lost on me. anyways. you would think alot of people were doing ride shares. and you would be right. cept all of those people planned in advance.

did you read the comment i left on the 21th? eh. this will prob be lost in the folds as well.

hope all is well with you

Keaton said...
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