Saturday, May 30, 2015

Meet dontBEsad, Coachella, PsilocybinSlave, ForestFan, and DC's other select international male slaves for the month of May 2015


onREPEATmode, 24
dreaming of a hetero?

Yes you have read it right... hetero for you...
dreamed about owning a womaniser?
Here is your chance.... lots of qualities and talents with easily erected 19cm pulsing pleasure.

I will do ANYTHING you want. Anything.
I also have a nice dick that you can suck freely.
I want to interrested in you.

I've been trying to stay away from this but couldn't.


moreHotter, 19
Hi to everyone dominating. Let us be friends. I love parties. Sex is my passion. Alcohol and coffee are my addiction. Sex tastes better if we talk a little. I love to earn breakfast. I prefer to be alone but it doesn't mean I'm lonely. I just don't want to involve myself with people with hidden agendas. I almost didn't write that because it sounded sad. It is.

Not my real picture however I am more Hotter.


lovehairyarse, 23
I am looking for some to have sex with go to concerts with


inslavemee, 18
i cn b ur slave...ppl wid good looks...n sexy body pls hurt me...others jst fuck off...

Comments on inslavemee

Anonymous - 10.Apr.2015
A big competition will disassemble bitch her pussy she expect it this bitch!

PIPOSTAR - 7.Apr.2015
this boy is not nice ... WARNING nag from the agricultural show are not going to damage it

No-Diggity - 4.Apr.2015
Good couch

Anonymous - 3.Apr.2015
a well-known greenhouse hole that opened just in time to bring your hard cock an abysmal depth.

Anonymous - 30.Mar.2015
I really want to eat her ass arched this goat


ForestFan, 24
Former cocky top/arrogant jock now well and truly on the way to becoming a blank set of holes into which an 18 inch dong can fit most of the way or even all the way down. Been thinking about this for way too long. Time to get it done to me. Want it done right. Maybe you can tell me all about yourself while I'm sheathing you. Thanks and God bless us all.


VanishingAct, 22
Hey I might not like you since I hate every fucking living thing starting with animals and then humans. I dream of one day breaking into your houses and murdering your kind. My favourite band is Cradle of Filth. People change from one day to the next. Today you are everything for them, tomorrow you're nothing. I am smooth/hairless neck down, 5 inch pierced cock, pierced tongue. I'm off all day and tonight. That was how it began.


moemoe, 21
for those who like that sort of thing
that is the sort of thing they like


littleboypussy, 18
Here for fetish not for a fuck. Bitch pussy is everywhere like flies.
If "you be" is in your profile K.I.M
If "want" is in your profile K.I.M
If you have the thought of asking for a picture K.I.M
I am here to whine like a true sex PIG not cry like a baby.
Ass soft like Bieber's when he had the dyke hair. It tastes good.
Everything harsh is alright unless I haven't heard of it.


hungarian-fakers, 24
be used (at the moment), these nicks
- stickitin
- victsub_sexy
- base2breed
- suckonu001
- WillUSpankMeSir
... Of course there's more nicks, much get the spastos still together
- Images consistently way too good, that is faked (sorry, no offense love hungarians)
- All profiles without telnr
- Phony profile comments on dilettanische own entries and cross-earning Ender
- Want to submit, and then pull leash
- Moronic-outrageous, German-speaking madam / administrative staff "mediated"

Relevant information to the police:
Phone +41044247 22 11
POLICE circle Guard Vienna-Schwamendingen: Phone +41044411 83 33
Or any other police station.

Stay away from this laughing numbers ... My advice

if you want to convince yourself, despite these well-intentioned warning, be prepared for anything

LOVE BALKAN VEGETABLES ... of course .... is a matter of honor!


tallsissy, 22
Do I look dead to you?

I'm not looking for trobles.


JamIAm, 23
Hey lads I'm jamil. just call my jam lol. nice down to earth Yorkshire piglet. Also gotta a bubble butt hahaha. Very easy to get on with and very easy on the eye lol ;) . I wouldnt go as far as to so a great interletual but I'm very knowledgable and have a great apresiation for art and culture. I can go from quiet mouse to very wild and extreme haha. just depends what ur after lol. I'm into most thing, I'm vet bottom but happy to find perfetiun in ur pride and to see nothing in the light ha. come get some haha.


YoungEagerStudent, 21
Hey, college kid here. Saw some porn on this and think its super hot so looking to maybe replace the guy in the porn who made me horny by getting rough stuff done to him.

Always been willing to get fucked, poppered up and cast away by anyone, but I do have a type, so just cause I let you fuck me doesn't mean i'm interested in you doing more.

My type is controlling, young, hot, slightly psycho and encyclopedic since I don't know much.

05/13/15 Now owned by a sadist pimp
Dont message or contact me


For_the_day_after, 18
Hi sir
I am a cheap skinny dog slave and prisoner in Sydney for certain type of people.
I just want to enjoy anything to be happy but NO LOVE, NOTHING WITH FEELINGS!!!
When I get too old to be cute I want to be a musician and play classical music.


ALittleTart, 20
I'm just an innocent looking boy hoping to find another innocent looking boy to do horrible horrible unspeakable things with.


cockintomymouth, 19
Helo are you serious? I wait to give me pleasure are you feel fantastic? Please make me feel like you.

My name is Mike's job is mainly looking for a dungeon or brothel house to explode my fully loaded cum for you

I'm a nice guy cant even bisexual preferences do not speak very good English but now I learn you do not know me and want to talk


PsilocybinSlave, 25
"In performance art, the artist’s medium is the body, and the live actions he or she performs are the work of art. [...] Performance art usually consists of four elements: time, space, the performer’s body, and a relationship between audience and performer."

Beautiful boy for BEAUTIFUL MASTERS, inside and outside.
i'm here trying to meet INTERESTING PEOPLE and have GOOD TIME with them.
I CAN'T HOST so we can stay in your home or hotel room.
I'm a NORMAL TEEN GUY so if u are searching for a model or a big black dick you are in the wrong place.
NO FEMININE MEN, I'm not a lesbian thank you.
Enjoy you day.


dontBEsad, 18
I get fuck, you fuck. i suck, you get suck. You fist me, i get fist. Sport -sex -drink- i dont like. me good boy? yes


StrangleMeNow, 22
I will fill this out more thoroughly tonight, but for now I'm straight and have a fiance. Not looking for a relationship or cuddling or kissing. Nothing like that.

Wanting to meet someone who is as fucked up in the head as me and make me pay for it dearly. Someone who is into absolutely forcing someone to obey no matter what it takes then doing everything they want including something very very Xtreme. I'm not here to be turned on I'm here because I want to experience something brutally beyond my control.


Frombirth, 19
I was born a dog, I firmly think. I should be a dog. New to this. Don't real know anything.


Coachella, 20
I am young 20y gay slave/ekmo/scene/goth/wierd/ whatever else you wanna call me that happens to have horrible depression. I guess im looking for a master/boyfriend/father but maybe not they always leave so whats the point for falling for someone. But whenever you feel lonely, hit me up anyway. It is always better to feel lonely with someone.


perseus9, 20
here is Mike.

I am very passive and very self-destructive for all of you who likes to beat and chem me until my brain cells drop like flies and slam fuck my excellent little ass to oblivion unsupervised.

I like to watch while you playing with my cock balls. I love to fist my ass punch it harder and harder and make my ass wet and then fist it hard and deep Bitch!

I am obviously doing the anal sex WITH NO CONDOM ONLY.

Your Mike


Hornwhore, 20
New in slave.....for fun.....for....stay with uh....can....


levie12345678910, 22
Nice to meet you im LEVIE , . How are you? And your family.

As I looked around your Facebook account , I can say that I have some feelings I felt. Sexy feelings was loomed most. I can say that you can be the man in my dreams. But first of all let's know each other more further.

I work in a restaurant and I did not expect , I am alone this moments , my parents already depart in ethics world and I live alone by my self , always sad but sometime happy , I have birth mark in my chess.

I know full well that I can find the man in my dreams so that my life will change . it can be you (if you're single ) because as I write this message for you my heart beats faster and I think you will be that man.

I am not a Choosey person I only want to have a responsible and aggressive man reach or poor can be , ugly or handsome can be. I will choose that guy if he have it all and most of all if that guy has a faith to God.

From levie

Comments on levie12345678910

Anonymous - 20.May.2015
who hath because you puked on the pizza?
Do you have what about dinner?

Anonymous - 01.May.2015
fucking; 9 points
mimic; 10 points
kissing: zero points :(
genuineness: 10 points
reliability: 10 points
correctness; 10 points
humor; 9 points

Anonymous - 31.April.2015
you´re are so
unsurprisingly good for me.


Have Apartment in Zurich Adress: Forchstrasse 163. I know what Iam sexy/handsome/cute model slave.SO EXPENSIVE. I can take your breath way. In addition, I want you to heat remembered our meeting and I think that one is over. IF YOU ENJOY FUCK A TIGHT ASS I AM INTO THAT. if you want to get fucked I EVEN GONNA PENETRATE DEEP INSIDE YOUR ASS WITH MY COCK. if you don't have money not write me. IF YOU DONT HAVE MONEY PLASE Don't SEND ME MESSAGE!


MormonSubby, 23
Ok so... well, I m not much into sex. I m really in just for the pleasure/joy of swallowing (anything ... as long as it comes out of a male's body). Of course, if I have to suck, be gang banged, whored out, fucked raw and hard, knocked around or out, to get fed a male body's meal, I ll endure mostly anything.

Needless to say that, the joy of swallowing is only a true joy when it's someone strict, ruthless, kinda violent (I like over jealous, the kind to get violent at the littlest thing), into dirty...

On a possibly unrelated topic, my most intense fantasy since I was a child is getting whacked by the mafia. I would be sitting in an Italian restaurant eating my pasta (... I m the only person in the world who does like Italian food, so that must be part of it ...) and a bunch of mafia guys burst in the door with machine guns and blow me to pieces ^.^

If the two could be combined some how, it would be a pleasure as dark, magnificent, as wild as moments of mystic creation - dazzling, ecstatic , exalted.


ASlaversLifeForMe, 20
The following is a very short version about my upbringing and life. I do have a detailed report on my life as a slave and can provide it, all you need to do is ask.

I was brought up with a very Dominant father who trained and used me from a young age until I was a teenager. I grew up in a small town in Montana and anyone that was gay was called a FAGGOT and so grew up knowing I was a faggot and have been trained from a early age to be a submissive faggot. Beginning in my early teens I would seek out men to attack me.

Beginning at 16 I was owned by some Master's and was trained as a no limit slave. I have been pierced and tattooed and scarred and operated on in several places and that is very fitting for being a no limit slave. A few Master's did some body modifications and some might think of it as a plus, while others might view it as damage merchandise, so to speak.

So, now what am I looking for or seeking.......well I'm not sure. No limits slavery has its plus and minuses, the same is true with a Dom/sub relationship with limits. What I do know is that the Man, Dom or Master realize that just because I was raised and trained to be a no limit slave, that I am not totally stupid.


Readytogo, 21
Bring me death.


p.s. Hey. ** Thomas Moronic, Thanks, buddy. The only jewelry I have are meaning-attached keepsakes from the past that are in storage somewhere. Well, and lots of badges for bands, mostly from the punk era Do those count? I guess they're 'brooches' of a sort. 'Non-linear moving in time order' sounds like manna. Time adherence is a versatile organizing principle. I use it a lot too. Sounds superb, T. ** James, Oh, cool. 'Weirdly fascinating' sounds ideal on almost all occasions. I don't think my high school had rings. Wait, maybe. They must have been clunky and ugly. Cool backstory, man. Oh, I say I hate the writing part, but when it's working, it's gorgeous. I guess for me that part is often hard and frustratingly very stop and start. With editing, I can do that 24/7 and never lose my interest or energy. Hm, interesting question about the structure strictures. To non-movement? No, because, as strict as my pre-planned structures almost always are, I don't feel devotion to them, and I don't mind breaking their rules in hopes of finding a more interesting structure through trial and error. I like building very limiting-seeming structures as a place to start, for sure. The structure you've devised sounds very exciting, and, yeah, Oulipian, which is another word for sublime in my book. I think it sounds fantastic, and I think you absolutely should go for it, no questions asked. It could work really well and have just the right amount of formal fun/intrigue. All that stuff: 'pinpoints, ligatures, scarfing via words and sentences': you already know I'm really into that. Do it and dig deep at the same time. ** David Ehrenstein, Oh, her. Ha ha. You like classy jewels, you classy fella. ** Steevee, Hi. Good question. I forget. Let me see if I can find out real fast. Hold on. I tried. All I found re: the material is 'polymer'. Finding that jewelry was basically just a matter of doing seemingly endless searches using, first, the word 'jewelry' plus the word 'weird' because that's the only way I've found to get around looking at a lot of blah. Then, based on what I found, refining and particularizing the search terms, following links on pages I found, etc. Laborious process, but I seem to find it relaxing or something. ** H, Hi. Oh, yeah, the brooch was nice and smart, I thought so too. I think I might even wear some sort of discrete jewelry if I designed it myself. Huh. That's cool. I hope your recuperating does the trick in not so distantly spaced increments. My new apartment is old and kind of fucked up -- my kitchen sink, for instance, is currently so clogged with centuries or whatever that I have to get a plumber in here to clear it. There's little stuff like that. But I like it. It's 'huge' relative to the room at the Recollets. Not quite as quiet but quiet enough. ** Bill, Glad you liked 'em or select 'em. What were the tiny masks like? Any photos? What an interesting thing for you do. I'm intrigued. Any evidence or more info on them or your reasoning or anything? It must warmish in Berlin by now. It's not quite warmish here yet. ** Cal Graves, Hi, Cal. I know, about the perfect gif. I'm still looking for that same one today. I really don't want to axe the little sequence that it would complete, but, if I have to ... Mud is really interesting to contemplate from a safe distance. You don't have any cool relatives who would be similarly at the wedding under duress with whom you could critique your relatives in an incisive, amusing way? I have plans/thoughts to go the zoo too. A huge one here that reopened recently after having been closed for rebuilding for 10 years. I mostly want to go to see this large fake mountain they built there, which you can see here while was it was under construction. Immeasurably, Dennis. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi. Oh, your brother's girlfriends makes, like, real jewelry. Like classical-ish jewelry. That's interesting. My dad was really into rock polishing when I was a kid. He had this whole rock polishing area set up in our basement, and he was down there a lot polishing rocks. ** Sypha, I can totally see you all Goth-ed out in jewels and strategically 'torn' trench coat. What made you stop wearing that and being that? Was there a definable reason and moment when you bailed? I knew you'd get busy again. I wasn't worried at all. Yow, a huge Sypha Nadon album. 'Tales of Topographic Oceans'-sized. ** Misanthrope, Huh, that's interesting. I think of myself as very bumbling. How curious. But then I don't remotely think you sound like a hillbilly. That comparison has never crossed my mind. You seem perfectly sophisto and suave enough to me. Sounds like a hell full of stress, man. The 'mom' thing. Those friends of yours who think it should be easy are probably trying to magically make it easy by convincing you it is. Very New Age approach. Steamy hot subways suck beans. Hm, I wonder why subway sandwiches are called that. Is it because someone thought they look like subway cars or subway tunnels or what? ** Kyler, When someone lends me a dime, I make sure I give them back a quarter. My grandpa used to say that. So maybe it's the same with me and jewelry, except I'm not giving the sites where I borrowed the jewels anything, so maybe it's like that mixed with some kind of Robin Hood thing. I don't know. Thank you, in any case. Cool about your scot-free June. Oh, Jesus, I wish I could ship you the trombone people. You can have them. Take them, please. ** Right. It's the last blog day of the month, and you all know what that means, blog-wise, by now. See you on Monday.