Friday, April 29, 2016

Meet Tellmewhatiam, Iamstoned, IceMe, Headlikeahole, and DC's other select international male slaves for the month of April 2016


Juniorone, 22
Hi - I am Johann Jr. I am now gay and have strong gay inside me since I was 14 and now join for experiences. My parents had a very bad divorce so I spent last year and half in Amsterdam with my uncle. I went to MIND SET program for two days a week for a year to come out to myself and now here. I explain later. I have had no gay sex. I will live half time with mom in London and half in Frankfurt with dad. They will figure out school as Im behind. I have only seen gay in magazines, video and movies and it excites me. I dream of being kidnapped, captured, unstraightened, powerless under gay control. Guys my age to 50 is what I picture. I am for real now to do it. The MIND SET program readied me. It mixes mind control, hypnosis, brainwash, mind fuck and opening up totally. I am craving gay life. I hope to experience now. Thank you very very much.


Anonymous - 23.Apr.2016
Who's licking my feet after walking around Walmart parking lot?


uneverything, 23
Satanic bitch offering his holes and self to vicious men who wants an extra game : fuck and destruct me in front of my satanic altar, blasphemy , autodeist , materialism , the vast darkness of the universe is naught but violence , suffering , death , cataclysm -- the life cycle itself requires these things , i hv been chosen as desirable bait by my lord Satan , i m dangled by him into the world for men to taste his wanton gifts , n hope that you will use me to shock him , for cruel shock is Satan's only vice, and he is waiting for you.


killerman44 - 26.Mar.2016
......_, - + ~ * ~ * + -, _ .. `` *) .. ¯` °'¯
. (_.- ~ `~ + -, __, ~'` * '*
.... ^ V ^
_____________ $ ... ... ^ V ^ ..
____... ^ V ^ _____ $$
_____________ $ _ $$
_____________ $$$ ... ..... ^ V ^
_... ^ V ^ _______ $$ _ §§§.
___________ $$$ _ §§§§§
___________ $ _ $ _ §§§§§§ ......... ..... ^ v ^
__________ __ $$ _ $ §§§§§§
_________ $$$ _ $ __ §§§§§§§
________ $$$$ _ $ __ §§§§§§§§
_______ $$$$$ _ $ __ §§§§§§§§
_____ $$$$$$$ _ $ __ §§§§§§§§§
____ $$$$$$$$ _ $ _ §§§§§§§§§§§
_ $ _ $ _ _ $$$$$$$$$ §§§§§§§§§§§
_ $$ _ $ ________ _____ $$$ $$$$$ ___ $$
__ _ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$.
___ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
_..- + * ° * + -.._ ~~~ * ~~~ * ° _..- + * ° * + -.._
~~~ _..- + * ° * + - .. ~~~~ _..- + * ° * + -.._
_..- + * ~~ * ° + -..__..- + * ~~~~ ° * + * + -.._ -...- + * °
_. ~ * ° * ~~~~ _..- + * ~~~~ ° * + -.._ * .- + * ° * + -.._
Wanted to sail past just want to quickly and
leave you a nice greeting


BYourDog, 21
Typical club kid in Taipei with very popular ass and extraordinary open minded personality hoping to combine the two for someone.

My screen name is a reference to The Stooges, not to my interest in puppy play which I don't have.


NotCompleteNonsense, 19
Currently a full time student that is seeking a weird man with a healthy supply of sleeping bags, down jacks and pants, and down suits to tie me up in. I love the feel of it and the sweat that drips all over me as I bake inside.
I'm pretty much ok with anything you want to do as long as I'm in the down. No being nice and polite to me ever just have fun with the bag and don't ever give a shit about me.
In my head the ultimate would be to suffocate or dehydrate all the way in there but I'm not really looking for anything long term right now.


PoznTwstd, 23
Back after short break more than POZ now and actually sick.. fuck!
I hauled shit thru my short stupid fucking life didnt I?
Im still cute but I dont pay attention to myself like I did.
Need 24/7/365 permanent no limits NOW. Not a minute less!


Hello, 20
I'm 20, have a way huge thing for superheroes and have a few superhero costumes.
Looking to be captured by a villain (you can choose your own or make one up but know the Marvel universe is where I masturbate) tied up and gagged tight and then demasked to reveal the nerd I really am. I'll probably cum when you do that but you can keep going obvs.
If you can pretend you know me from school or something and can't believe I'm Spiderman or Captain America (for example) in a believable way I'll go insane (in the sexy way).
Obvs if your fantasy is to rape Spiderman (for example) that would be ideal just don't expect me to look like the guy who plays Spiderman in the movies.
I do have a face picture but I work with kids so I'm sure you understand that I don't want it all over the Internet.
I'm not here for sex or a relationship... Been there done that, got the t-shirt, just want to be a superhero and get tied up and demasked and raped.


notfromprepschool, 18
I want my cock locked up without access to the key. My sole purpose in life is to serve my keyholder if I can find one. My current cage was cheap and now rusted so a new one will be purchased in April unless someone wants me locked up before I can buy myself a cage.


bitcoin, 24
I have a young sub boyfriend who I like to have people use when I already have or am not around.
Like to have all sorts of things tried out on him. I want people to try things they have never tried before.
Like when he's blindfolded and tied up so that people can feel comfortable and he won't know what's coming. Also like him to think it's me then reveal it by talking at some point.
I am his older girlfriend but he knows about and accepts my interests so it doesn't matter if he ends up marked and scarred.
Sorry that I don't have a face picture up. I'm not ashamed of him or anything, but sadly there have been some people in the community that I would rather not recognise him.


Headlikeahole, 22
Hi,i'm headlikeahole.if you want to get drunk with me then do shit you text me to my mobile can add me also on my tagged account.i love to drink if you want join with me.nothing much else.shit will happen in face to face when the drunk will come.when i'm drinking i'm easy going ready for rape.i'm a huge fan of AC/DC.saw them perform & it was the best night of my life.


Fuellmichab - 22.Apr.2016
I had him the other night. What he means is he needs to drink so much he passes out before you can fuck him. Before then nothing. And this boy can drink let me tell you. I wouldn't want to be his liver.


Repackme, 19

I'm very weak and am looking for a guy who thinks that's hot.

Pin me to the ground and fart and burp in my face. Make me lick the dirt from in between your toes. Make me lick and suck the sweat from your armpits. Make me lay on my back, roll up onto my shoulders with my ass in the air. Sit on my ass, hole to hole and shit a turd into my gaping hole while you piss down into my open mouth. Then I can rim your sweaty ass and lick your balls before I suck your cock.

Electrocute me with a cattle prod if I do things wrong.

Just do everything in a compassionate and caring way, knowing that it's what is good for me.

Have better pics, will send if you ask, I'm just quite a private person.

Would like to live in USA at future.

If you don't participate in aftercare don't message me.


follow-you, 24
I am just looking for men who like to be sucked until they cum in my mouth, and watch me swallow their sperm. What I mean is I'm looking for one man who wants to have that service all the time. I do not provide other services. I'm also trying to realize my dream of moving to San Francisco.

Live your penis is the motto.


MostExtremeSlave, 18
It wants to be decimated until it's still technically alive but brain dead. It can accept a short preliminary period of sex as a passive. It is uninhibited and loves to lose its mind and be shocked so can be destroyed for a long time and without hurry. Its limitations are: murder, cannibalism, and that's it.



MostExtremeSlave - 29.Mar.2016
Thank you, I hadn't thought about that. I still want it tho.

Passzziv - 29.Mar.2016
Hi I wonder if you have thought this through? Lets say someone tortures you into a vegetable. Then you lie there smashed and brain dead. Then what? If he can't murder you, he keeps a vegetable alive in his house until you die of natural causes?


S.L.U.T, 22

I’m a 22 year old Italian and I’ve come to London to help you live out your boy track star slave fantasies . I compete regularly, have a seven inch dick, an ass whose beauty will make you lose brain cells, and offer sexual services to dominating gentlemen who like to reward people with love in return for one or two hours, or one or two nights, of unchoosy sexual excitement.

If you want me for one or two hours, my limit is bruising. If it's one or two nights, my limit is penetrating the skin. If you want me for a week or more, my limit is penetrating the skin in the neighborhood of my arteries (I know where they are).

In terms of love, I'm happy to negotiate based on your comfort with expressing love, but I won't do anything for less than the words "I love you" and some cuddles.

The only caveats are that I spend a lot of my weekends in Rome, so am not regularly available, and nothing permanent, as much as I'd love to, because in August I’m off to Berlin to study anthropology at Humboldt and sex in the Berghain.


happygolucky, 23
I bet i will be the best fuck yet.
Be with a hotel room or a vacant home.


love_to_get_fucked, 22
hi my little will you be taken properly apart then let me know MY DIG IN YOUR MOUTH ASS


TO ALL THOSE WHO ASK IF THERE SEX (read my book "gold") ..



NaturalAss, 22
In a world everybody is clean including most of me I like dirty smelly hairy men.
Natural sex is my mojo.
Love my hole eaten pounded toyed churned fisted and you name it but I won't wash it out first it's not a sink it's an ass.
If you want my ass you'll get an ass like any other.
You fuck an ass, what did you expect ?


Dabbler, 18
I live in a small town at the far end of the state of Montana, there's not much to do so I'm always looking for something new to try.

I was talking to a "master" on here for a few months. He convinced me to quit school to relocate to him. Unfortunately his profile was gone shortly after telling him I quit. Go figure.


IceMe, 23
Hey thanks for ready. I am a college student, close to graduation. Please don't be fooled by my innocent cute look, I am really not innocent. I am a bug chasing pig seeking Gitmo level torture, mental erasing and retraining, branding, charring, maiming, limb removal, frenzied sadism, castration, dick removal, and much much more. I am graduating soon meaning I am open to sn*ff provided it's for a reason. Thanks for reading =)


Pushover, 22
lust. again
just only asking lust try to call me
not to transgender
the pleasures of which has never suffered
to explore my inner things

have some issues about so much
please to lust what i am (head down)


PetrSaid, 19
If I look familiar that's because I did porn in 2015 under three names. You probably know me as William Higgins star Petr Said.

I am not pretending to be something I am not.

I am in the best SHAPE of my LIFE.

I have been hot to men and I am bored to death with being like that and I want to be someone's nothing.

I am looking for bondage first of all along with many other things that I won't take the time to mention.

I'm a Germaphobe. Use that problem how you want but just know I go batshit crazy about germs.

My only other limits are women and children. I do not like them. Not just sexually, I mean AT ALL.

I've been given a month to get out my flat so will be homeless.

Need this badly.

Got passport.


TakeMyDignity, 18
If tears of shame turn you on, please respond.



ps I'm only after much older men. That means men older than 45 years old. Make that 55. I like men much much older than me and bigger and heavier. Like the heavy set, bear type daddy is the bare minimum as long he acts like a real bear from the forest and isn't just some nice fat man who calls himself a bear so he can get get laid. If you are younger then 55 years old and respond to my profile I will know you did not read what I wrote and I will hate you.


NoLimits/SafeWords, 18
I am wasted teenage flesh 4 Sadists

Extreme captivity, imprisonment, insanity

You will know what you want... You will take it...


IamStoned, 21
Welcome to take me to the strong men at the level of those who wish to experience moments of oblivion but first take me to your dealer or Amsterdam. Classless young stoner at a level not any crypto inteligentka. When you decide to meet me you're absolutely certain that I just open your front door and not substituted by the same boy who not takes drug.


FinalLeap, 21
I'm 21. Sadly the time has come that I seek a final owner. I knew I would one day want to give myself to someone completely, but that age and maturity in which you are ready can be hard to judge. Please read on as I explain why I want final.

I have aspects of me that mean I can't compete with other pretty young slaves. I carry physical and mental scars from my time as a slave. I've been farmed out many times, and contracted HIV. I wouldn't of chosen this path, but I lost any sense of self worth I had.

What I can offer is myself as a complete 24/7 no limits slave. Being HIV has put things in perspective and I realise how worthless and disgusting I am. I'm prepared to now sink to the sickest most depraved levels you wish. My body is now only useful for depraved torturous treatment and I will sacrafice it for my owner.

If you want to inflict anything on a young guy, please look beyond my health and take me. It may just be for these several years, but I know there is a master's darkest desired I can fulfil out there. I now have no SS number or records, I can come to you, sign and be done.

Strip me, whip me, beat me, rape me, torture me, cage me, punish me, feed me shit, make me drink piss, watch me take vomit, fist me, brand me, cut me, strangle me, punch me, stab me, mutilate me, watch me scream, hear me beg, watch me cry, break me, slaughter me.

I trust my future master to know an appropriate time and way to terminate me. There will come a time where all I'm suitable for is fatal torture. I'm a screamer and crier so consider you have an appropriate location to give me the treatment discussed. You'll like it or your money back. Just kidding I'm free.


Imanolimitspig, 24
I'm actually 14 looking for total sadist abuser so who's interested

I think SM will be very interesting

I'm single

In my pic I was tanned but not now


HurtSoul, 24
i recently came into possession of it. im told it was found disoriented being gangbanged in a bathhouse in istanbul last august. when it could not be identified the bathhouse sold it to a local master. he used, shared and rented it until early january when he sold it to a master in hungary. i came into possession of it through a trade with the hungarian in december. i'm ready to trade or sell it to interested masters. its very docile, has troubles with speech, otherwise in good health. doctor friend of mine thinks it mightve had a stroke when it was on vacation. its passport and other i.d. is long lost. i think its american or canadan, 23 or 4,5? im told the top 2 pics were in its phone which is now lost. its tall, working with 9 inches, very slim, little hair. it has almost no limits. when it doesnt like something it says "no joe" or something like that. thats how you know.


floodmyguts, 20
My thing is I look and act like a tough straight boy and I am one unless there s a dick in my mouth then I get totaly fag gay pathetic. The dick has to be on a guy tougher than me so a soldier or police or "master" in you guys lexxicon. I do nt like any other gay shit like anal and kissing, although getting felt up is nice but i have definate limits. I have a girlfriend and would like to keep it that way. So yeah what I m pretty much looking to do here is raise an army of helmet headed meat soldiers. They ll drop by and attack my face until I m gay and open fire in my mouth.


YourMajesty, 18
When you look at me do you want to pierce my face everywhere with needles? If you answered "yes", then hit me up. I've recently discovered that my favorite sensation is the lightning-sharp agony of needles in my face.


beautiful_legs, 24
I'm a stunningly beautiful and kinky bottom that would like to be be fucked by a large dildo collection. Dicks are also welcome to use my hole but would need to be a guy I get along with in a normal situation.

I would like my ass to be a regular fuck toy and dildo receptacle for someone and build up lots of trust that might lead to me taking a fist.

As of my profile being made I am still an anal virgin so would need someone to coach me through this amazing experience. I might even let you lock me in your basement and fist me for the rest of our lives.


SoWhatAreYouWaiting, 21
I'm new to this site, definitely not new to being a submissive "piggie" bottom slut.
I have a rich, older sugar daddy boyfriend who loves pretty trash fem boysluts like me and I would like to keep him for financial and emotional reasons.
Nothing turns him on more than when I come home late at night trashed on chems and alcohol and a little beaten up after having had my brains fucked out by some sleazy macho pick up. That drives him wild and he'll eat me out and fuck me for hours and when I show up really wasted and sloppy and violated the effect can last for days.
I don't know what he'd do if I showed up after some serious rapist and sadist had their way with me but I sure as hell want to find out!
Give me hell your way no limits as long as I can still walk and talk after and help me give my boyfriend something to remember forever!
I should probably mention that I'm an addicted tweaker slam whore and I'll do everything and anything for some slam.


Tellmewhatiam, 19
I feel I'm a nice, sincere, romantic, loving, affectionate boy who is confident, responsible, intelligent, and down to earth.

I look for someone who is Mature, Strong, Responsible, Respectful, Sincere, Caring, Romantic, Intelligent, Trustworthy, Loyal, Down to Earth and who has a Good Sense of Humor.

Whether it's sitting in traffic or having a romantic evening under the stars or surrendering my ass to your cock and all the cocks of your friends or even strangers of your choice, time together is special to me.

As far as what I like to do, it could be anything from a romantic evening out of dinner and dancing, walking hand in hand along the beach at night, reading poetry to my lover, getting my ass pounded by you and by anyone else you want, or just cuddling on the couch and watching a good movie.

I love most styles of music and love to see it performed live. I love to watch movies, theres just to many favorites to mention, the main genres I like are Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Action, Drama and Suspense. I'm not really into horror movies, and I'll watch a Sci-Fi movie here and there, like the Matrix (First one is Great!) or Star Wars, etc.

Must love to kiss and cuddle. Must have a huge dick and want to fuck me constantly. Would be preferable if you have lots of friends with huge dicks who'll fuck me either with you or when you're not around. We can talk more when we meet about our likes and dislikes. I have been told that the eyes are like a window into a person soul.

I should tell you that I kiss and take cock with my heart, but I love with my soul.


nootheroption, 19
it is time
like to be loat not kidding
are a very ok


louieward, 18
I need someone to control every move I make.

That includes every molecule of my beauty.

I don't have a car and I live in a dorm.

Welcome to the circus at the end of the world.


Toiletformen, 21
Toiletslave looking for installation. Want to spend the rest of my life as a toilet. Heavily in bondage in a toilet shape with no hope of release. Put me in your shower stall, take the grate off the drain, put my ass over it. Use me for all of your waste. Turn on the shower after and aim at my mouth to "flush" your shits down the toilet and clean my face. Based on my research I will probably die after about 5 weeks and I don't mind but I'm sorry about that.


TheUltimateChallenge, 21
I'm so desperate to find that one man whose skill with rope is unparalleled that I've designed the ultimate challenge.

You get to use as much rope or as little as you want. My only restriction is that hands must be bound together. You set the terms: time, place, duration. It can be as little as 30 minutes or as long as overnight (8 hours). My goal is to get free, your goal is to make the bondage so secure that I can't escape.

If I win the challenge, you aren't out anything (except maybe a plane ticket and a hotel room). If you win, you get the ultimate reward: a bondage slave. A permanent slave. A no-way-out slave. You get to keep me forever. No catch. No options. No alternative. Of course, if you want a different reward, we can discuss that.


NickJones, 18
I'm 18, in College. I like to cuddle. I want someone to snuggle and watch films with and mess around together. I want someone nice and caring! Please be 25 or under. I'm looking for Mr right :) I'm fully straight acting
Gay (I do not do sex and I do not give bj's).
I'm weird tho and not normal.

I don't feel pain properly and I don't feel pain in my Dick and it's used and don't feel pain in my balls properly either and they get like, kicked, punched, kneed, jumped on anything really. Been going on for 12 years πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ litteraly balls of steel so if we did meet you can do whatever.

No jks I'm also a bit crazy at times .

Its lucky I don't give a damn and nor do they and nor do my crotchness area πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
It's been going on for years so and I'm not using then for anything
U can do what u like with them, So they are used as doormat, footrest, beat up toy, having my dick and my balls (mainly dick) destroyed, crished, played with, kick, stomp, trample, knee, jump, punch, slap, squash, crush, flick, play with, pinch. All that. πŸ˜‚

Just a word of warming, I can't bj or do the physical sex bit.
I can't bj because I just can't I think it has something to do with bad gag reflexes, smell and taste. And if I had a bf I'd let them have a fuck buddy as long as they don't have kids πŸ˜‚ .

And I do talk and look and walk normally if u were wondering πŸ˜‚.

If you want to talk about anything or ask any questions even if they are really weird just fire away.


AcquiringSlaves, 21
NOTE: I am not seeking a slave. I have one. This is only a guide for masters who are looking for slaves from this site. I hope this will help promote our safety and security, as well as protect us from scammers, posers and con artists. The photo is of my slave. I've uploaded it only to show that you do not need to be hasty or reckless in order to take ownership of an extraordinary slave. He is not available for sharing, use, rental or purchase. Please do not ask.

When seeking a slave, these are the 5 things you have to do:

(1) Do not choose solely based on face value, the speed with which they give you an erection, or their limits. You have to check their comments.
(2) If their comments section is disabled, or if there are no comments, you have to be very careful. It may be a sign that the slave you are dealing with may be a scammer or poser.
(4) If there are comments, make sure that the authors are not anonymous.
(5) If the authors of comments are anonymous, entertain some doubt. Remember that a slave may have multiple profiles in this site. It may be possible that such anonymous entry might have been made by the slave himself or his cohorts using other accounts owned by them.
(6) If the authors of comments are not anonymous, click on their profiles. Check if these masters are still active. Check the number of their visitors. Check their photos. Try messaging them to get feedback about the slave. If you feel that despite the non-anonymous entries the slavr profile may be a fake one, then do not take the risk.

(1) This can be quite tricky.
(2) Some slave accounts do not have photos but once you message them, they will send you some upon request.
(3) Some accounts have lots of photos but may not be the real photos of the person handling the account.
(4) The safest way to go about this is to verify the slave through Skype, WeChat, Viber or similar applications.
(5) I suggest that you insist on using any of these applications, and if the slave refuses to do so, it may indicate a fake trade.

(1) Slave profiles usually provide their contact details.
(2) Try inquiring through text initially.
(3) If through text a potential period of usage or purchase seems plausible, give them a call to finalize the details.
(4) Listen to the slave's voice carefully, is it authentically meek, subservient? Listen to the background, try to feel his basic character or lack thereof and personality or lack thereof through his voice.

(1) Tell the slaves what the exact services and duties are that you want to avail them of. If you want to do extreme things with them, be explicit. Be detailed and be direct to the point.
(2) It is likewise very important to ask them what their limits are and what they are willing to do. Many slaves claim to be no limits, but very few of them are. Don't be general with each other and simply agree to no limits. Tell them the most extreme things you will do to them and demand a yes or no answer to each activity.
(3) Given this, ask them about their degree of interest in each extreme activity. For instance, do they love and crave it? Are they not into the activity but will let you do it because a slave has no say? When being forced to do something they don't want, do they tend to fight back or cry or accept the torture stoically? There are important things to know in terms of planning.
(4) If they say no to an extreme activity that is a necessity for you, perhaps the problem for them is in the details. Don't accept their no on the surface. Negotiate until the two of you have agreed on a version of the extreme activity that is acceptable to you both.
(5) If you are seeking 24/7/365 permanent enslavement, don't forget to ask your slave about his possible allergies, phobias, dietary requirements, medical problems, behavioral quirks, and so forth. In my experience, slaves who claim to want to become pure objects will only become objects that have the slave's personal and medical problems.
(6) Most of all, you have to ensure and insist that the services you have agreed upon will be provided once the slave is in your possession. I suggest drafting up a contract that details precisely what the slave is required to do under your ownership. Have him sign it immediately upon arrival. Yes, such a contract is not legal and binding but most slaves are so obsessed with being slaves that they will not realize that.
(7) You must be able to assert that there will be no other additional, hidden or surprise hesitancies on the slave's part to fulfill the services they are required to perform, and they must leave their worries and opinions at the door.
(8) If your slave -or the master who is selling you the slave -requires money for his ownership, do not pay in advance through money remittance or any other load transfer schemes.

(1) If you plan to acquire your slave through the popular form of fake kidnapping, make sure the place you have chosen is well off the beaten path and always kidnap your slave very late at night even if the abduction spot is in a seemingly remote place like a forest.
(2) Refrain from inviting him to arrive at your home. Arrange to meet him in an isolated place, always very late at night. Upon meeting, immediately confiscate his mobile phone, frisk him for weapons and listening devices. Then place a hood over his head to blind his sight, handcuff or otherwise secure his wrists, always behind the back, and place him the trunk of your car or of a rented car then transport him to your home.
(3) The reason for frisking him for weapons and listening devices is assure yourself that he is not a scam artist or an undercover cop. Do not assume that if he is 18 years old he is not in the employment of the police or FBI. This is recommended in every circumstance and always if you and the slave have agreed to enjoy any illegal activity.
(4) If your slave is entering 24/7/365 servitude, always demand that he has either adequately explained why he will be out of touch with his family and friends for the foreseeable future. Demand he show you proof that those close to him will not be searching for his whereabouts. Proof can be in the form of emails, recorded conversations, text message exchanges, and so on. If he truly wants to be a permanent slave, he will understand why this is necessary and will follow your instructions to the letter.
(5) Before commencing the services that the slave has agreed to, it is advisable for you to remind him again of the services required to be performed by him in great detail, the punishment he will receive if he neglects to serve you as agreed, and the extent to which you will punish him should he continually misbehave. If you have agreed upon no limits, make clear to him that you will not hesitate to execute him if necessary.
(6) Enjoy the rest of the time you two are together.
(7) If the period of enslavement is short term, it is suggested that you leave a comment in the slave’s account for the benefit of other masters interested to avail of his services.


(1) He's a fresh looking, fashionably dressed teenaged boy who claims to have had many masters and is a very experienced 'piggy bottom' or 'pain slut' or 'human toilet' and so forth.
(2) His comments are disabled.
(3) He wants permanent no limits slavery and he'll be a slave to anyone who wants him and he doesn't care what his master looks like or how old he is or what race he is.
(4) He uses photos of Justin Bieber (or another pop or TV star) as his profile photos. As much as you or I or any master dreams that Justin Bieber is secretly a sex slave who wants a master just like you, he isn't and he doesn't.
(5) He claims to have no friends or family members and is free and ready to be abducted into lifelong no limits slavery for the rest of his life.
(6) He claims to be a no limits slave but insists any sex you have with him must be safe.
(7) He does not respond to your queries or does not answer your questions directly.
(8) He claims to be 100% passive but acts arrogant or impatient or secretive whenever you ask important questions.
(9) He gives out tales of sadness and pity and personal tragedy and asks to be hypnotized and brainwashed into an emotionless, selfless object. Even if he thinks he can be completely reinvented, he will always be a whining pain in the ass.
(10) He says he is a model or was until recently an international porn star or escort or that he is very educated and classy and high end, which we all know is a big joke.


(1) Not all slaves here are fake or posers. I would say maybe 1/3 are indeed what they claim to be.
(2) Immobilize them. Lock them in a cage. Lock them in a cell. But do not trust right away.
(3) Make sure you use them on your own schedule.
(4) Feed them adequately but not too well. Being a slave is a sedentary life and they will easily get fat.
(5) Treat them with the premise of respect but do not respect them.
(6) Value your time, and never value their time.
(7) If you get angry and want to damage them heavily, give them a notice they will be damaged beforehand.
(8) Schedule heavy anal activity ahead of time so they will have time to clean themselves.
(9) Give him a kiss if you think he is worth it.
(10) Offer poppers or drugs or drink as a sign of goodwill.


p.s. Hey. Apologies again for having had to step out yesterday. ** Wednesday ** DΓ³ra GrΕ‘ber, Hi! I used to keep a diary religiously when I was a kid, but then the desire faded out for some reason. But sometimes this p.s. is like a diary in a way, I guess. The work I'm doing is intense, but I think it's getting done. Still, it'll be my entire life pretty much at least until Monday. How was your London-returning friend? How's everything? ** Jamie McMorrow, Paris and all of its millions of residents send you their greetings using me as their vehicle. Super busy is the word, or, well, the two words. Superbusy. That works too. Cool, a funny mood. I want to be in one of those. Oh, right, it's not so far betwixt Glasgow and Edinburgh, so you can commute. And read a lot on the way, if it's by train. Or listen to a lot of music, if it's by train or car. Yes, yes, I would seriously love it if you did a guest-post! That would be fantastic! Do it about anything you like. Cool, thank for wanting to, Jamie. Thank you too for the work-wishes. Yeah, I'm like a machine at the moment. It's interesting, but my brain is toast, burnt, burnt toast. Love, Dennis. ** David Ehrenstein, If Rosenbaum likes something, that something is pretty much guaranteed to be very good, in my experience. I'm sorry the piece about LCTG is so hard to place. I so appreciate you trying. Yeah, it's a difficult film, and my attached name does as much harm as good in many quarters. Thank you, David. ** ASH, Hi! Yeah, that's what I heard. About that cinema. We're excited. Oh, well, yeah, I would love to hear your band's new record and give you my opinion! Where can I get it? ** Steevee, Hi. Roeg might have done something quite curious with that novel at that point in time. Look forward to your piece. Everyone, Steevee has written an undoubtedly fine piece about a new DVD set of documentaries about JFK for the Roger Ebert site and your attendance there is highly recommended. Here's the entrance. ** Sypha, Hi, James. Oh, the new one is all MIDI? That does something really cool to my imagination. Awesome. 'Pooh', ha ha. It's funny when translated books' slang ends up telegraphing that they were translated a long time ago. ** _Black_Acrylic, Takashi Miike doing 'Concrete Island'! Now there's a hell of an idea! ** MANCY, Hi, Stephen. Cool, thank you, glad you enjoyed the Thornton fest. Its weird, I was the opposite with Cronenberg's 'Crash'. The first time I saw it, I was dazzled. The second time I saw it, it really bugged me. ** Alan, Hi! Well, I'm very glad to hear that Sujatha's book apparently got through that rough patch, and, more than anything, that you're working on a novel! Take good care. ** Misanthrope, Hi, George. I understand your feeling about pill deaths. I'm like that about heroin deaths. Morning! ** Tender prey, Hi, Marc! Cool, I'm very happy that you, of all people, enjoyed the post. Thanks so much for the trigger and for everything. I hope your squeezed time pays out. I'm in the same boat. Same life raft. Love, me. ** Thursday ** Oriol Rovira GraΓ±en, Hi there! It's really nice to see you! Thanks a lot for the tip on Tobias Bernstrup. It looks very intriguing. I'll scour. You good? I sure hope so! ** David Ehrenstein, Hi, D. Yep, I picked up on that right away too. ** Tosh Berman, A very fine morning to you, Mr. Berman. ** _Black_Acrylic, Hi, Ben! Thank you again so very much! It seems to have both brought much joy and enlarged the cult! ** Bear, Hi, Bear! That Royal Shakespeare Company production does sound really beautiful. Wow. I'll look at the trailer to get a peek. Thank you! I'm very glad that everything is sorted with your friend/collaborator. That particular production of Gisele's and mine is especially complicated. We've been trying to get it a gig in NYC for years, but it's very costly to mount/import, as you can tell. I think it'll happen. Naturally, I'm thrilled that you liked 'Mouchette', Bresson being my personal god among gods. Thanks about the deadline. It'll get done, I'm sure. I'm sure you know what it's like when work gets super-crunched right near the end. Have a fine Friday. How are things progressing with your new piece? ** Jamie McMorrow, Hi, Jamie. Me too, re: deadline. We have to meet it, so we will. But, boy, could we use another five days or something. Great day and love to you! ** Sypha, Hi, and thanks, James! ** MANCY, Hi, buddy. ** Bill, Hey, Bill. Yes, we have to turn in the majority of our formal initial proposal for the TV series to our producer on Monday. Then a few more descriptive and schmooze-related texts by Wednesday. Then, if the producer thinks they're set, it goes off to ARTE next week followed by six weeks while they decide if they want to take the next step and give us development money. I hope the weekend will prove to be your hectic week's curative ending. ** Okay, we're caught up. You're getting your monthly slaves a day early because I have something that seems more weekend-like set for tomorrow. See what these well-meaning, needy guys do to you. See you tomorrow.