Friday, March 6, 2015

167 video game puzzles


p.s. Hey. ** Jonathan, Hi, man! I thought you were probably in Dublin. Oh, Berlin was a complete fiasco. We had to come back here to do the post-production, and it's currently a bit of a difficult situation, but we'll figure something out and fast because we have to. Do record your new voice. Ah, sucks about the hampering by the certain body. May smoothness prevail immediately. Oh, wow, I haven't even checked that email address where your text ended up in about two years. Weird. I do know a little about CCRU, yeah. Cool. When are you back in Paris? I want to see you, as does Zac. At the moment, it looks like we'll be here finishing the film until the 24th. Bon everything! ** Tosh Berman, Thanks, Tosh! I wish I could be at your upcoming 'Sundays' event. I don't think I could do raw fish. I don't know. I've gone this long without eating sentient beings, and I feel like I would be really sad if I broke that or something. ** David Ehrenstein, Hi, D! Great interview with Kirby and co.! I'm excited to see that doc. I getcha on Carson. He seems even worse than Caine, no? ** Etc etc etc, Hi, Casey! I didn't know that Macbook Airs came in teeny tiny. That seems charming. Very cool that you saw Morton Subotnik. Big envy on that. I'm a sucker for homemade-seeming electronic pieces too, for sure. I love The Kitchen. They might show Gisele's and my new piece. It's in talks. The Doten novel is amazing! Highly, highly recommended. Next to read for me? Mm, I'm most excited to read the xTx novel. That's #1 among the stuff just published. The new Shya Scanlon, Lucy K Shaw's 'The Motion'. I'm currently reading Joyelle McSweeney's 'Necropastoralia', which is really great. You? ** Kier, Hey, hey! The Doten novel is incredible. I am a touch of a teeth brushing fantastic, just a bit, yes. Gisele's feedback got delayed until probably tonight. Dizzy? Yes, please, do what you need to get that sorted out, okay? Promise! It was probably Silje's vaccination, right? That makes total sense. 'also spent some time making this fence braided out of willow branches that grow in the earth. it was windy.': That sounds like the first two sentences of an awesome novel. Excellent birthday gift! The huge majority of yesterday was spent at Zac's correcting the sound on Scene 3. Oh, first I got my new glasses. I'm wearing them. At first everything looked really clear but slightly blurry/shaky, but I guess it was my eyes adjusting 'cos everything looks okay now. Zac says they're not as cool as my old glasses, but they're okay. Anyway, we worked and worked. Things are a bit stressful because it's beginning to look like we might not be able to find people to do the post-production. Long story. If not, we may have to do it ourselves, which will be very hard because we're not pros at all, and it will be a huge amount of work. We're kind of worried about that. I think we'll know one way or another today. After work, we went to the Pompidou to see Jonathan Capedevielle's new theater piece 'Saga'. It was a tough go for me because it's not only very, very talky but most of it is delivered in a southern French dialect/accent, so I was pretty lost. But it's always great watching Jonathan do anything. Not much else. I swallowed some quick food post-show and crashed. Today's probably another long work day for me. And for you? ** Cal Graves, Hi, superCALifragilistic... etc. I'm good, a bit stressed. Paris is temperate and very nice. Harlan Ellison as a book friend. Or his book as a book friend. Interesting. I don't think I've ever read him. Sci-fi is my weakest genre. Oh, pup play, yeah. That's very, very popular on the master/slave sites. Very. Weirdly, the slaves into pup play almost never manage to write interesting profile texts, which is why I rarely feature them. Mm, well, a kink/fetish that really intrigued me, and which was kind of a master/slave fad briefly about, oh, five years ago, is worming. It's pretty much dead now. I haven't seen anyone seek a worm or want to be a worm in a long, long time. Basically, what worming involves is that the slave has his arms and legs amputated, his genitals removed, all the hair on his body removed, and sometimes he's blinded, and he becomes a worm. Then I guess the master would keep this worm like a pet and fuck it and abuse it and stuff. I think the fetish died out because it's just about the most impractical fetish to implement pleasurably on both sides that I've ever come across. But it interested me. Oh, wow, you/wrote posted a thing by you! It looks amazing at a glance. I'll read it as soon as I'm able. Everyone, superstar writer and d.l. Cal Graves has launched something he wrote that looks fantastic over on his blog The Uvular Trill, and this is a very rare opportunity, folks, so do go check it out. Awesome! Contrapuntally, Dennis. ** Steevee, Hey.Thanks for the news about that festival. It looks very promising indeed. All kind of potentially great stuff. Curious about the Jennie Olson. And the Jarman, Rappaport, etc. too. And the Peggy Ahwesh, whom I just made a post about. Cool! ** Misanthrope, Oh, please, you're plenty and more 'smart enough' for Mark's book, give me a break, man. It's just an adventure. Mark's a totally incredible reader, yeah. Oh, what reading was that? Hm, at the New Museum? That's it, right? Did I actually say I read well. That's cool. I almost never think I read well. It's probably because I was reading old work from the '80s, and, back then, I used to think about the fact that I would probably have to read things aloud when I wrote them because I did a ton more readings back then. That might be it. Thank you for the kind words, buddy. Ben Carson just seems like one of the hundreds of extremist right wing politicians running for Center of the Media's Attention first and for actual office as a distant afterthought. ** Chilly Jay Chill, Hi, Jeff. Wow, three o.o.p. books that I most think should be in print again? Off the top of my head? Hm, okay, Tony Duvert's 'Strange Landscape', Lawrence Braithwaite's 'Wigger' or 'Ratz are Nice', Nathalie Sarraute's 'The Golden Fruit'. What would be your three? Oh, cool. I read your conversation about the Acker book at BOMB, but not the review. Thanks, I will! Everyone, the great Chilly Jay Chill aka Jeff Jackson has reviewed the controversial new Semiotext(e) book of Kathy Acker's correspondence with critic McKenzie Wark aka 'I'm Very Into You', and it's one of those must-read deals -- Jeff's review, not necessarily the book itself maybe, I don't know -- and you can check Jeff's thoughts here. ** Sypha, Hi. Whenever you do, I think you'll be blown away maybe. ** Right. Today' post speaks lucidly for itself, I think. See you tomorrow.