Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mine for yours: I got bored and antsy one day recently and decided to revise my all-time favorite films list off the top of my head and in completely random order and then I put it here.

Robert Bresson The Devil, Probably
Robert Bresson Lancelot du Lac
Robert Bresson Four Nights of a Dreamer
Robert Bresson A Man Escaped
Robert Bresson Mouchette
Alain Resnais Providence
Orson Welles The Magnificent Ambersons
Ryan Trecartin A Family Finds Entertainment
Bela Tarr Werckmeister Harmonies
Terrence Malick Tree of Life
Terrence Malick The Thin Red Line
Terrence Malick Days of Heaven
Bruce Conner A Movie
Aldo Tambellini Black Zero
Olivier Assayas Irma Vep
Lindsay Anderson If …
James Benning 11 x 17
James Benning Landscape Suicide
Paul McCarthy Family Tyranny: Modeling and Molding
Hollis Frampton Magellan: At the Gates of Death, Part 1: The Red Gate
Chantal Akerman Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles
Eric Rohmer The Green Ray
Eric Rohmer Pauline at the Beach
Yasujiro Ozu Late Spring
Yasujiro Ozu The Flavor of Green Tea over Rice
Gaspar Noe Enter the Void
Gaspar Noe Irreversible
Sergei Parajanov The Color of Pomegranates
Maya Deren Ritual in Transfigured Time
Kenneth Anger The Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome
Andy Warhol Chelsea Girls
Andy Warhol Lonesome Cowboys
Alain Robbe-Grillet Successive Slidings of Pleasure
Jacques Tati Playtime
Jacques Tati Mon Oncle
Christophe Honore Dans Paris
Agnes Varda Vagabond
Mel Brooks Young Frankenstein
John Woo The Killer
John Waters Serial Mom
John Waters Female Trouble
Pierre Clementi Film ou Visa de censure numero X
Alexander Kluge The Artist in the Circus Dome: Clueless
Alexander Kluge Anita G.
Harmony Korine Julian Donkey-Boy
Werner Herzog Stroszek
Werner Herzog The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner
Jean Luc Godard Pierrot le Fou
Jean Luc Godard Numero Deux
David Lynch Inland Empire
Errol Morris Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control
Bernardo Bertolucci Luna
Wes Anderson Moonrise Kingdom
Wes Anderson The Life Aquatic
Stan Brakhage Prelude: Dog Star Man
Rainier Werner Fassbinder In a Year of Thirteen Moons
Straub-Huillet History Lessons
Luchino Visconti Death in Venice
Jacques Rivette Duelle
Leos Carax Pola X
Leos Carax Holy Motors
Jon Jost Last Chance for a Slow Dance
Stanley Kubrick A Clockwork Orange
Wong Kar Wai Fallen Angels
Philippe Grandieux Un Lac
Jean Daniel Cadinot Aime … comme minet
Rolf Hammerschmidt The Fucking Class
Robert Altman McCabe & Mrs. Miller
Robert Altman Three Women
Peter Greenaway A Zed and Two Noughts
John Huston The Dead
Chris Marker Sans Soleil
Stephen Prina Vinyl II
Jack Smith Normal Love
Coen Brothers Fargo
Mike Leigh Naked
Federico Fellini Satyricon
Derek Jarman Last of England
Ingmar Bergman Hour of the Wolf
Michelangelo Antonioni Blow-Up
Frederick Weissman High School
Jeff Keen Omozap 2
Charles Atlas Hail the New Puritan


p.s. Hey. If you feel like similarly milking the top of your head for some of your favorite films and typing them out, that would be cool. Starting tomorrow and lasting through Friday, I'll be involved in the shooting of Zac's and my film from early morning to late at night. There'll be no p.s.es apart from a brief, pre-programmed hi and intro-type thing, and you'll see reruns. On Saturday, the blog will give out a new post again, and I'll catch up with the accumulated comments then. Thanks! ** MyNeighbourJohnTurtorro, Hi, man! Great to see you! Well, yes, I've been film film film and little else, but I'm good, and it's going well. Oh, funny to read your suggestion on a 'mine for yours' day. Albums of the decade so far? Yeah, I can try that. Huh. Okay, give me a little bit 'cos I won't have any brain space or blog attention until next week. And I def. want to see your list. That's a big motivating factor. Yes, I do remember the Elias interview, and I've really regretted not getting questions to you. The film project has just eaten me up, and the task was strangely or not strangely intimidating. But I've had some questions whorling around in my head for a while, so, yeah, if you're still game to do it and if you can give me a little more time, I'll get some questions together. It would be so amazing. Thank you for that, for, you know, it all. ** Jose Osoria, Hi, Jose! Yes, I got the invite. Thank you so incredibly much! I've just been swamped by the film project, but I'll try to take advantage and get membered-up on the site today. Really, thank you a ton! That's very exciting! I hope you're doing great! ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. Well, certainly not in the word, no. Sometimes what it refers to gets lucky and actually has an edge, even a sharp one, but no credit goes to the assigned adjective. ** Sypha, Hi, James. I saw that Cut Hands had a new album due, but not that Best's project does too. I'll score them both of course. Thank you! ** Thomas Moronic, Hi, T. Wow, right, school is starting again. Time's weird. Obviously happy that you get the happiness of reconnecting with your young chums. ** Keaton, Hey! Thanks man about film finishing. We need the luck on this last scene, which is a complicated and intimidating thing. I'm gonna get to read your story in the next short bit of pre-rehearsal time, I'm greatly anticipating that, natch. Halloween's coming, isn't it, at long fucking last! I'll be in NYC, I think, watching 'Kindertotenlieder' be performed on that hallowed day, which isn't my ideal Halloween action, but at least it's appropriate. Rock the fuck on! ** _Black_Acrylic, Oh, shit, but cool that you'll get an easy replacement. Re: your ballot, obviously. Excited about Thursday! Happy that your parents' sense of humor is on the up side! ** Kier, Hi, K. Yes, it will be Gisele's first music video. It's for this kind of fast-rising young French electronic dance DJ star guy whose name completely escapes me at the moment. Then, right after that, she has a top secret second music video assignment that's going be mind boggling, and I'll spread news when the secretive phase is over. I think the first music video is supposed to go public next month. I love how beets look, and I like them a lot in theory, but I hate eating beets, yuck. Weird. They're like the liver of the vegetable world to me. The sheep/ewe sounds like a total horror movie-style superstar. Yeah, '2001', see, I forgot to put that on my list up there. My first boo-boo. My day was enclosed within the rehearsals. Well, considering how clueless and slightly spooked we were going into them, they went really well, and we're calmer if not calm. We really need much more time to prepare this scene/shoot than we have. It's complex and chaotic and full of uncertainty. We're counting on a lot of luck. But the four performers were all very good, and they've given us enough confidence to proceed without having some last minute freak-out and canceling the shoot or something. Today will be more of that, and we'll meet with whatever number of extras who've been gathered for us to play the 'crowd' in the gig/concert scene, and we're fearing how few of then will have been scored -- not much confidence in the person assigned to do that for us -- and fearing what we'll do if we don't have enough of them. So, yeah, as you can probably tell, I'm quite stressed, but I guess by the next time I see you here live and in person, the deed will have been done, and keep your fingers crossed for us, if you can do that easily within the context of all of your farming. How was your Tuesday, and, well, the rest of your week? ** Steevee, Howdy. ** Bill, Hi! It was great! Thank you so much again! ** Misanthrope, Hi, G. Right, you had as three-day weekend over there, didn't you? It was time passing as usual over here, technically. If Panchitos is a secret think porn ring then I think our loyalty must have gotten us a golden ticket by now. Only one way to find out. ** Okay. I gotta run off now. Films, yeah, I already intro'd that as much as an intro is needed, I suppose. I wish you all luck and happiness and all that good stuff between now and Saturday, but only if you wish me the same, 'cos I'm gonna need it. The blog will see you tomorrow. I will see you on Saturday. Bon chance!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Bill presents ... Viz

Thought I'd share some interesting visual work I saw recently. (A little audio, too.) They all have the kind of dense, obsessive detail that I enjoy.


Stathis Tsemberlidis is one of the two artists who run Decadence Comics. Some of Tsemberlidis' comics:

His short Shelter-E is really lovely as well:


Orthrelm is the frenetic duo of Mick Barr (guitar) and Josh Blair (drums). I like their music (though it's quite exhausting), but I can't resist the artwork on their CDs. I believe the drawings are by the guitarist.

Orthrelm's music:



Some of the London dl's probably know more than me about the musician Keaton Henson. I first saw his artwork this summer:

More at:



Two favorite Charline Von Heyl pieces (a lot of her other work looks very different):


Finally, Heinz Hajek-Halke, who did some amazing work manipulating photographic film:

Hajek-Halke bio: http://www.priskapasquer.com/artists/heinz-hajek-halke/


p.s. Hey. Today the blog gets the great treat and gift of some tips and clues re: some very interesting artists handpicked by the extraordinary artist Bill Hsu aka d.l. Bill. Enjoyment is fully guaranteed. Please spend your local time watching and listening and clicking where appropriate, thank you! And thank heartily, Bill! Otherwise, a heads up about this upcoming week. Today I go into all day rehearsals for the last scene in Zac's and my film. Same thing tomorrow. The blog will appear in its usual way until Wednesday when we start three days of shooting the scene from 9 am to 10 pm. So, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday you'll get rerun posts and minimal, non-interactive p.s.es. Then on Saturday everything will go back to normal again. ** Thomas Moronic, Ah, wonderful, and gloriously like clockwork. Beautiful ripostes, maestro. Man, it amazes me how you can construct such beautiful things in such a heartbeat. Awe and major gratitude to you, Mr. T! ** David Ehrenstein, Hi. That's interesting. I hadn't made the connection between that Schroeter film and the Bachmann novel before, which is a big duh now. Thanks for that fill-in and for the trailer. ** Sypha, Naturally, your trippy experiences with 'MGS' sound incredibly appealing. I miss video games. I haven't played one in going on literally years. I can hardly remember how I managed to have the time to indulge in them so luxuriously. Gotta sort that out again. ** Etc etc etc, Hi, Casey. Yeah, it was a cool gift to get to not only see Vollman at that point but try to negotiate some kind of interesting space when on a bill with him. Oh, wow, thanks a lot for what you say about 'God Jr.' That's super nice to hear. Very cool about the short fiction collection. I like the title a lot. ** Nicki, Hi, Nicki! Always weird when Blogger gets starved and selfish like that. Fantastic that your summer wound up so productively, and that the future is scheduled up in only the best way. I'm great. Rather nervous and stressed about this scene we're about to shoot, 'cos it's a complicated head-scratcher, but hopefully the rehearsals will shed the light we need. My novel has been on hold, actual writing-wise, for months, but I'm ready to dive back in once we finish the film shoot this weekend. Whoa, congrats on the little trophy! Your hurrah is most clearly appropriate. Nepal! How interesting. Why is that weird? ** Damien Ark, Hey, D! I'm so glad you picked up on that slave quote. I was quite excited when I came across that one, as I don't need to tell you. You good? How's everything? ** Steevee, Hi. I'm going to let you and David rip on Friedken 'cos I'm cool enough with his films and talent. ** Keaton, I'm glad someone mentioned that plug. I thought it was, you know, startling. Girls are cool. Man, let's put the DFW thing behind us, shall we? If you think I'm weird then just add that to my resume. New fiction piece by you! That's a boon. I won't get to read it until, uh, maybe tomorrow, but I'm excited. Everyone, there's a new short story by the multi-talented Keaton now lodged at the top of his ever exciting blog/art space, and it's discretely titled 'A Short', and you should really go read it if you have the time and smarts. Right here. Thank you! ** Hyemin Kim, Hi. It is quite a name, right? And, me being me, I guess, I like that the fan is a hand. 'Edgy' is a very tired term, I agree. It has no ... edge, ha ha. 'Bordering' is much better. ** Kier, Hi, K! Ha ha, oh wow, a Buffy terrarium. That's cool. Now I'm trying to imagine what scene and characters I would represent if I made a Buffy terrarium, which is a nice mental side trip. We seem to have squeaked by on the film funding front. Well, I shouldn't say anything until we see what equipment we ended up getting. The people in charge of that love to try to cut corners and rent us shittier equipment than we need. I think there's a 'Sharkanado 2', no? Set in ... San Francisco? I don't remember. Yes, def, give me the scoop on the sand shark horror movie. Real potential there. Walking around the lake in pouring rain only gives the cake of that fantasy the best possible icing. But I'm sorry it made your foot hurt. Giant notebook! Cool! My weekend was, predictably, all about preparing for the rehearsals and shoot. Nothing really fun to talk about. A lot of emailing and talking with Zac on the phone and in person, which was fun, of course, but not so eventful in terms of creating a fun narrative to read. One of the performers in the scene arrived from Berlin, where he lives, so we had a meeting with him to talk details before we have to get serious today. What else? Anything? Zac and I met up with Gisele and looked at the rough-cut of a music video she just directed and gave her our opinions and advice. We also met with Paul, who was in the Krampus scene, and who's awesome and a new great friend, to say bye 'cos he's leaving to start going to some big art school in Lausanne this week. Mm, I think that was it. I hope my day reports will get more cool and surprising soon. How was Monday in your life? ** Bill, Hi, B! Thank you again and 'face to face' ever so much for today which has already lead me to some fantastic discoveries! I know, finding the Neubauten fan/slave was like grabbing such a golden ring contextually. I'll go see if Kiddiepunk's bootlegged Netflix has the Carter Smith film 'cos it'll probably not pop up over here, although you never know. I like Carter. I do. He's cool. ** Postitbreakup, Hi, Josh. I'm so sorry about the missing. Missing is so hard. No chance you can use it to fuel some fiction or poetry or something? The one good thing about missing is that its power can sometimes circumvent the blocks one has re: writing. Or it has for me. Hugs galore. ** Okay. Be with Bill's array today. You'll be very glad you did. I'll go see what the first day of rehearsals creates and clears up. See you tomorrow.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Meet 666whatever666, Imlonelysir, MashedPotatoes, willgotohell, and DC's other select international male slaves for the month of August 2014


germannegativezero, 20
Not a lot of experience but looking for a twisted Owner to take me deep and dark. Want my ass hole to go from 0 to 1000.

Only happy when my ass hole is in heavy unlimited use and given severe pain all over my body and being told I am only alive because I'm where my ass hole is located.

I thrive on my ass hole being wanted-hated and feeling extreme pain and I beg for all that I can get. I cook, clean and am good with my hands.

I'm in a hurry to find an Owner. My apartment burned this past week and I'm being temporarily housed by a friend. I can`t stay here long.

Do what you want with me, but get me out of here for good. I will eat dog food out of a dog dish. I'm a slave I know what I am I know.


Travelingfootlicker, 21
I love Young Blond hair, blue eye, muscular country men with big smelly feet and a big dick and wears black no shoes socks. Yes, I wear diapers.

I love to slurp on their feet and I travel around doing that. I will be visiting Los Angeles area from Aug 3. I will stay at a hotel. Humor me.


willgotohell, 18
I am a skinny, ugly little pigtroll, but i am looking to give up total control on whatever level of micromanagement He expects. My only limit is snuff unless it happens by gallows, noose or maybe shotgun. Ideally He would be interested in ensuring my balls cause me searing pain constantly and continuously through regular crushing (at least daily but as often as possible). He will be fit (slim to athletic) and in va, md, dc, pa, wv, nc, sc, oh, tn or ky and college-aged. I have the dick of a little boy and so I need to look like one. I would like to feel a razor, fire, sparks etc. My main goal is to have my gentials beyond damage a perm electro inserted down my dick hole, and inside my ball sac, then stitched shut. Oh I'm a virgin to !!!!


loveBErape, 19
I gotta get this and do it full on in case it's who I am and meant to be. If I,'m supossed to have a guy do me then so be it . you know. i get all confused inside me cause I'm straight. tried to figure it myself but I can't seem to make sense of any of it. I am weak like round powerful dudes. I cave real easy. I can get owned easy and i get like weak kneed. Ill tell anything you order ok. I


CannibalismGhoul, 20
Name says it. I am not here for selfish gain.

Last time I was on here someone was really rude to me, they said I had the wrong attitude. I tried to convey that I've spent a lot of time on nifty reading stories from a young age and it's hard to not accept the lovely idea of just being taken off the grid and being killed and eaten.

So don't be rude this time. Love me for me. Kill and eat me or jack off thinking about it or shut the motherfuck up.


nolimitsperv2beowned, 23
This one time I requested "Wannabe" and the DJ played it and then immediately afterwards he (seemingly unprovoked) played "Under Pressure" and I was like, "Wow, what a time to be alive."


Mashedpotatoes, 25
I love to mash my cock and knackers with kitchen utensils

Make me scream and I'll remember you.


nolimitpainslave, 20
No limit pain slave seeks final master
I was born to serve, only live to suffer for someone's pleasure
Done with playing illustrating, want the end
All questions are answered in my mind


AssAvailible, 20
I don't have much consensual experience. But I grew up in an abusive family. I don't mind getting bruises and welts. And I feel that I will be happy in an unequal relationship. I'm taking a bit of a risk and putting a face pic on here. It's scary, but scary things are good sometimes. And anyway, I'm sort of a face guy. I really need someone to get past it and just break my mind. I would love to walk into a place and be hooded, dragged down, tied up, stripped, forced to suck dick, humiliated, spat at, forced, choked, and people come round to torture me. For example.


Centralff, 20
I want you to fist me and i want you to fist me now.


Imlonelysir, 22
Well, hello stalkers!

If you decide to read all this, I just want to let you know right now that...You're fantabulous and I want to have your bAIDSies.

Anyways. I'm scotty. I'm a faggot. I used to be a nice person but now I'm just a dick because people are fucking stupid. I don't like dumb asses no matter how big their dicks are. So please. Don't even. I wear hoodies almost 24/7 no matter how hot it is. Getting beaten intellectually and physically and fucked by everything you got on your body and in your drawers for days at a time nonstop are my everything. Never happened until I'll meet you. Suggestion: put me on an intravenous drip so we never have to stop fucking and being violent to let me drink and eat so I can stay alive. Serious: I am never not horny, never, and so horny I could scream. If you don't want to fuck and beat the shit out me all day every day stop reading. Now. I'll even take a guy who needs to relentlessly rape and torture me over one with brains. What else. I'm short as fuck. People used to make fun of my eyes. Which is ridiculous. Who makes fun of eyes? When I'm alone and bored I lay on the floor and make random noises. I tried to look like a girl once and...contrary to popular belief, I make a really ugly female. My nose is too big. So I was like yup. Never trying that again. I'm gay but I pretty much act like a thug. Jk no I'm secretly a sassy black woman. Yeah I'm lame as fuck. When I sneeze it sounds like I'm dying. I like to hitchhike on the streets and search for serial killers. When I was a kid my cousin used to pretend he was a serial killer and kill me very realistically. One time in school on career day, we were supposed to dress as something we wanted to be when we grew up, and I dressed like a bloody dead body. I like evil men with curly mustaches. They're fancy as fuck. I liked mustaches before they were cool. Like. Way before. I collect random things I find interesting. Mostly toys. Because I'm such a kid. I can play guitar, piano, trumpet, and drums. I've been to a mental institution. I've been to rehab. I used to be pretty fucked up, but I got better. Most of the time I think life is the greatest. Then there's those random days where I hate everything and those days are happening more and more now. Lucky you. Serious. Otherwise I wouldn't do this. I have trust issues. You should put me in a cage or chain me up all the time when you're not ****ing me or I'll drive you insane with my worrying. I have a bad temper. Sometimes I can actually get so mad that I black out. All I drink is tea and water. That's it. I'm just saying random shit about me. But yeah I'm done now.


TheUnderTaken, 22
I'm a little lost dog. No one wants me. Someone found me wandering and put me in the pound. Now I look at you through this window. I need an owner soon or I will put myself to sleep (does that make sense?). And I need some mony, if any one intrested.


deathslave4Satan, 25
Master, it wishes to loose life in sexual mental fistxtasy- beeing high in combination with electro-nipple torture, faceslapping,beating the face, spitting, eating from a bucket, deepthroat sucking, masks...also dark satanic stuff - interrogation, degredation, humiliation, and real death..of slave is it's goal.

a great slave



bottomqueen101, 24
hi beware this pretending str8 nice acting slave i deecide i owned him then he cannot hide smell of bottomess fem pig likes to be bareback gangbang that why beweare he possible hiv positive i really dis appointed to this dirty gay andd if you dont believe me fine just want to share my experience really dis appointed


ChoNoTabout, 20
sirs I just went through a real crazy early-life crisis over a hot old piece of cock.

I wished I had a hot old dude to bareback me and who would come live with me and I got it. I had never bb before him and I fucking loved it. the freedom the fun the oh yeah "im gonna fuckin blow in you, breed you, poz you, etc" it was too much. HEY heres A TIP: do not invite guys you only get fucked by 3 times to come move in with you now matter how fascist their story is or how hung they are.

wound up in a pscy ward getting an assessment because of suicidal thoughts . that fucking woke me up. I am free from his spell his manipulative control and I realize it was all only just HIS COCK MADE ME GO CRAZY

this man is in fact a sociopath who plays on boys in their teens charming his way with hot sex into their lives. he is a locust taking all he can from the boy then moving onto a next one. I did give him a great new story though to manipulate boys because his mean mother jehovahs witness crap was getting boring. indeed, a new one for Toronto, you boys are a little more wiser there than us montrealers.

he even got a popular Torontonian involved this time. he needed backup to his story . its like scripted tv well he did watch all 6 seasons of 90210 at my place before arriving in Toronto .

I am SO FUCKING embarrassed and humiliated for letting him manipulate me again and attack a Sir I do not even know. I am very extremely ashamed of myself Sir and apologize profusely and do regret any problem him getting you involved in his scheme to steal your boy may have caused. He sees having this boy who was a very popular twink porn star (initials KM) until recently as his pig hole as his way to break into the porn industry.

you know how I know all this, because we spoke of this while he was living with me in montreal. I told him how KM bottomed out on drugs and was now the pig hole property of Sir and how he could steal KM cuz Sir had told someone i know KM's weak spot (snuff play, sorry KM, but everybody knows now) and how if you had a star like KM as a bargain chip that's how you can get into porno.

Fuck That was some early-life crisis. now I know and I can get back to being the twink bottom I was before I met up with the hot 51 yr old big cocked piece of shit. really, that's all he is

GODDAMINT NOW I WANT TO GET PLOWED BY A HONEST MAN NOT SOME LYING OLD CREEP. I want a man who wants to get fucking down and durty and sweaty and rough on me with spit and deep kissing and tongue and fucking deepthroating my hole and blasting in it.I want to know what it feels like to be a gay boy again. gear of course...


crazedbottom, 23
I'm ugly kinky botm....ass licker here...asss eater..ass lover.......ass inhaler....i must eat your ass.....must.....I like hot guy with cute ass but give money then anyone no problem


gothrockisntevengood, 19
your EDM garbage isn't even industrial, you old fags. Go listen to Einst├╝rzende Neubauten and Der Eisenrost.


I think a thousand thoughts at the same time, and you will never know what they are no matter how hard you torture me and ask.

I will not waste my time on people who comment me for my face, beauty will fade away in time. Beauty only gives you a slight sketch of who I am, so don't act as if you're 'the same is I am'.

When I feel what I think I feel, I will do what I think is right. Call me crazy, you have no idea.

Likes: pain
Dislikes: my dad


666whatever666, 21
I live in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
With stupid xxl cock. My xxl is 20x5 cm. I hate it! I feel like trans.
No one think about my ass because of the stupid huge cock but my ass really it is awesome.
I won't let you go without your cum in it.
My english is bad. I speak Russian.
Come & fill my hole, come & make me whole.
















fan_it_out_in_me, 22
would love to meet a guy who would be so kind enough to facefuck and fist me at the same time and empty all his load into my mouth as he opens his hand wide inside my ass i dont mind how big, small, what color you are i dont care about any of that as long as i have cock in my mouth and a wide open hand inside my ass im happy if your interested you can kik me



meat4eating, 19
in real life i ws a super femmy sch boy who dint no i wunted 2 go quiet, bt sum1 kidnappd me straight off frm sch, threw me in2 car, tied me up, put me in sum big box, drove 4 hrs, pull me out in2 hse, n hv taken total control of me wif rites 2 access any parts of me anitime. i tokked a lot too so he nedded 2 do sumthin on tat oso. now i hv willingly grant even de rites 2 my life 4 my Master. m nuttin bt Master's maso shit human whore meat. tmrw is de end 4 dat real life sch boy, thank u Master. gdbye 2 every1. m excited 2 be t4tured in2 gore n killed n ea10 n buried n anithin.


p.s. Hey. ** Keaton, Oh, it's cool, no sweat, no problem. And I totally get how the lionization of DFW and the godlike status he holds especially post-death is mega-offputting. Trust me that he hated that worshipful shit too when he was still earthbound. Oh, that's a cool thing, how you characterize how I perceive and communicate things. I'll take the compliment with a bow. When I do finally see 'SbtL',  I'll be so prepared, it's cool. Finest weekend to you! ** Etc etc etc, Hi, C. I may have told you already, but I read with Vollman once when he was in his 'shooting the pistol during his readings' phase. Him and Heather Lewis and me read together at The Dia Art Foundation. The crowd hated that. It was really fun, and it was fun to try to figure out why he was into doing that. I know he has a new book, but I haven't read anything about it. Him doing ghost stories is a very intriguing idea. How's NYC treating you? ** David Ehrenstein, I thought so, about the right track. It was weird, though. Zac and I were like, 'Uh, you read the screenplay?' I think it was one of those situations that happens with my stuff sometimes where people sign up to do stuff with my stuff based on knowing in a general way that what I do is 'cool' or 'edgy' or something but without actually investigating what I do. ** Thomas Moronic, Hi, T. Yeah, Stewart is great in many ways. Oh, that interview. Well, Stewart interviewed me for some newspaper or something when I was on a book tour in the UK, and he told me, Let's just talk about whatever, and I'm just going to make up the interview. So, he used our interview to generate his fiction, which of course I thought was great and hilarious. But there were people who believed the interview/profile thing he did was real 'cos that was back when I had this reputation of being some ultra-transgressive evil wild guy or whatever, and I was asked about it in interviews for quite a while afterwards. My Friday wasn't bad. Things are getting done and prepared, and that's the best I can hope for right now. Your Friday sounds pretty dreamy, man. I hope the weekend follows suit. ** Kier, Hi, Maestro Kier! Cool that you're a Stewart Home fan. He's so great. I have this total dreamy thing about walking around lakes. There's something about the idea of doing that and actually doing it that's so ... hm, I don't know, satisfying and fantasy-ish and samey in this very cool way, like shooting a photo of something from every possible angle or something. I don't know. It's cool that the guy apologized to you, at least. My Friday was good. Lots of film prep. Schedule-making, fighting with our Production Manager to get the funds we need to get the equipment and props we need, which is usual, and some script revising, and that sort of thing. In the evening, Zac and Michael/Kiddiepunk and I took a break and had a pizza party. We got take-out pizzas from Pizza Hut and watched 'Sharkanado' on M's bootlegged Netflix. That was fun. How was the lake walk? I don't know why, but I'm excited to imagine that and hear about it. Great weekend! ** Jeffrey Coleman, Hi, Jeff. Cool, thanks for filling in all that info on the book and the book series. I was going to put all of that, or most of it, in the post, but then I got worried about concision, and it got cut, but it's actually a pretty interesting story/context. Thank you! Mr. Trippy was cool, yeah. He does a bit of that of Facebook now, if you're 'friends' with him there. Yeah, he's definitely one of the truly interesting and, I think, very underrated literary writers/figures/characters going. In real life, he's a total sweetheart and goofball. I want to get and read that Steven Wells book too. I've been meaning to for ages. Such a good thinker/writer, that Steven Wells. Take care, man. ** Steevee, Hi. I totally figured as much about 'T.LB'. Just, like, no impetus to see it at all. Friedkin is such a curious director. He's quite revered in France. I've never been able to put my finger on his thing, although I do quite like a number of his films: 'Boys in the Band', 'Exorcist', 'Sorcerer', 'TLaDiLA', ... and I do think 'The French Connection' is kind of a great film. Hm, maybe I'll try the new Robyn Hitchcock. He kind of puts my teeth on edge, although I do really like his early stuff with the band The Soft Boys a lot. ** Bill, Hi. 'Blood Rites ...' is huge fun. I think you might really get a kick out of it. My weekend is workshit involved too. But maybe you mean non-art workshit, ugh. (My spellcheck keeps desperately correcting workshit into 'worship', ha ha). Carter has a new movie? I'll check it out. He's still hanging on to the rights to that film I wrote for him ten years ago even though I can't imagine he'll ever make it. Which is his prerogative, but it kind of sucks. I really wanted to get the rights back and get some artist to adapt it into a graphic novel, but ... oh well. Bon weekend, hopefully with that hoped-for day off. ** Hyemin Kim, Hi. Ah, well, you should visit LA some day. If you want. I love it tons. A theme park boat? Hm, well, there are a couple in Disneyland. You can take a boat to Catalina Island, which isn't theme park-like at all, but it's fun to go there and see the little town and rent an off-road vehicle and drive around the island. ** Chilly Jay Chill, Hi, Jeff. I'm obviously so glad you thought I did the Home post okay. He liked it and shared it on Facebook, so I was happy about that. Mm, I think it's probably just me, but I kind of have Yayoi Kusama fatigue. I feel like I see her stuff or stuff about her stuff everywhere now, and that kind of dissuades me from doing a big post on her. I don't know. I'll think about it. I still plan to do a A. Theroux post of some sort. The shocked producers incident happened, hm, maybe a month or six weeks ago. It's all cool now, I think. Once they got used to the fact that we're doing what we're doing, they were okay or resigned or something. The scene that freaked them out is in the first scene where a boy tries to have sex with a boy whom he thinks is pretending to be dead but who is actually dead. The performer playing the dead boy was really, really good at appearing to be dead, and I think that combined with the fact that he's a very attractive guy is what freaked them out. But by the end of the meeting, they were, like, Okay, if you're going to do that then make that part of the scene as long as possible to really go for it, which is exactly what we're planning to do. It's just kind of an odd situation because, originally, they signed on to the produce the film with the idea that it would be a very strange porn film, and it has turned out to be very much not a porn film albeit with some explicit sex here and there, so I think the adjustment from expecting something sexually titillating to realizing that it's going to be something that is definitely not directed towards giving gay guys erections was a bit of a shock to them at first. I've read some Cesar Vallejo, yeah. Not for a long time. I liked it, and it's great, obviously, but it didn't impact me all that much. I like Ingeborg Bachmann a lot. She's great. In English, there isn't a lot in print. Any poetry book would be fine. I quite like her only novel 'Malina'.  ** Sypha, Hi. It seems I am, but, yeah, I never try to do that. Well, actually, I did do that a little bit in 'Try' as a kind of reaction to the hatred and uproar that 'Frisk' caused. But that's the only time, and it wasn't a paramount aspect of the novel, even so. Are the long cut scenes a problem or a cool thing? ** Misanthrope, Whew, relief about Panchitos. That place must be a front for something else to stay alive like this. I want to see 'GotG'. Damn. Nice sleep there, buddy. Sleep is, you know, a cool friend. ** Okay. It being the last day of the month on which the blog gets posted, it is also the day that the slaves get to emerge from their dungeons and bedrooms and stuff. Treat them in a masterly fashion, thank you. See you on Monday.